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I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Deutschland Über Alles

Nucky orders up "a snort for the road," and Sally obliges -- getting to pour herself a glass this time -- and then Meyer offers Nucky his condolences. Nucky has already forgotten what he could possibly have to need condolences for, and Meyer is all "Your man Eddie," and then Nucky is a dick and says that all happened somewhere else. Well, I guess this means Meyer will now take over from Eddie as the most likeable character on the show.

Back over to the Onyx Club, where Chalky is drinking alone in his sitting room. Daughter comes in, apparently because he wanted to see her. He says he wanted her last night, but she says she didn't get the message. "You run out the back like you robbing a pawnshop," he says. She swans over to the window to look down on the dining room. "You think you Ma Rainey," says Chalky. Probably drunk. It's also probably telling that during this scene I keep typing "Nucky" instead of "Chalky" and keep having to delete and retype. "I want her, I hire her," he continues, and reminds Daughter that she comes on after the tap boys and before the fan number, and that's it. She says she wasn't in the mood, a reason that Chalky unreservedly accepts! Ha ha, he gets mad at her some more. "Standing there, telling them life ain't worth living," he mutters. Daughter's all, "It made 'em listen!" and Chalky only cares if they're drinking and spending money, but ten of them up and left because she "wasn't in the mood." Pissed, Daughter heads for the door, says she's going to her room, and then back to New York. Chalky stops her, reminding her she's under contract, and when she protests that he doesn't like what she does, he says she'll do what he likes. And Narcisse? Acting like he's doing Chalky a Libyan brotherhood favor by bringing her here? "He ain't nothing but a nigger with a dictionary," he says. Just because the fucker's got a library card doesn't make him Yoda, hey?

She says he should take that up with Narcisse, and that she'd like to go -- she sounds actually a little fearful -- and starts to move past Chalky. "You too fine for this," he says. "You don't know anything about me," she says. His sweet talk includes telling her that no princess ever came out of a barrelhouse, and she tells him she saw him watching her last night, and she knows who he is. She starts to go, and he grabs her arm and pulls her back, and roughly kisses her. It's impossible to tell where her resistance ends and she starts reciprocating, but we head to credits on our second instance of anger transforming into lust. At least this time no one got punched in the face.

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