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In Washington, D.C., the extra-special under-the-table cam shows us Agent Knox's restless leg while Director Hoover (who calls him "Jim") grills him on the death of Eddie Kessler, who either jumped or was pushed. Knox says he's working under the assumption Kessler jumped, but Hoover asks what if Eddie talked to Nucky beforehand. "The operation is compromised," says Hoover, who pays lip service to Knox's noble cause, even though, as Knox makes him admit, he was never on board with it (and doesn't actually believe this supposed network of organized crime even exists). Hoover's more interested in Cyril Briggs, Marcus Garvey, Emma Goldman: The "anarchists" and "political activists" are where the Bureau should be putting its resources, says Hoover. Knox wants one more chance, to see how the Thompsons react if he pokes his head up one more time. "And if they blow it off your shoulders?" asks Hoover. Well, we should all go out in such a blaze of glory. But Knox says at least Hoover will have the satisfaction of knowing he was right.

With the sound of a buoy and gulls in the distance -- the Albatross has some nice ambiance, no? -- Eli walks into Eddie's room, looking around, and tells a nervous Mickey Doyle that nothing's going to bite him. Mickey comes in, tentatively, and is not impressed with the spartan décor: "If this was my room, I'd kill myself." He apparently didn't mean to make such a tasteless joke, and then realizes it doesn't matter, since Eddie can't hear him anyway.

The two of them start going through Eddie's stuff. Mickey asks what they're looking for, which is a conversation you'd think they'd already have had, but Eli reminds him they're looking for a safe-deposit key. Mickey's skeptical that anything would even be in the suit, or else why would he take a header out the window? Eli tells him to check Eddie's suit, and Mickey is a big baby about it. Eli prods him, and Mickey finds a receipt: "Business dinner with R. Capone." I wonder how many pints of beer are itemized on that receipt? I mean, it appears to be a single page. Eli finds the picture of Eddie's kids on his desk -- the news that Eddie was a father coming as a surprise to him -- and then the note Eddie wrote right before he leapt. Eddie asks Mickey if he speaks German, and Mickey takes the note and helpfully reads: "Dear everybody: I stole the money and jumped out the window. I am bad. Also, $1.09 for stationery," says Mickey. Ha ha! Eli doesn't find that nearly as amusing as I do, and he gets back to looking, pulling the cover off the birdcage. It's in the can of birdseed that Eli finds the key he's looking for.

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