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Over at the Onyx Club, Chalky's son Lester is sitting in on the piano with the house pianist, and Daughter Maitland glides up to express fake surprise at Chalky letting his son sit in with "the help." Chalky says he "thought you-all slept through the afternoon," and Daughter explains she's working on something new with her accompanist. This comes as news to Chalky. "The people come expecting one thing," he says, and she replies that she gives it to them, but maybe she's bored. She asks Chalky if he's ever felt bored. "If I do, I keep it to myself," he says, and Daughter purrs that it doesn't stop him from feeling it. She strolls up onto the stage and requests "Malinda Brown," and Lester offers to play it. He does, and she sings: "There's a little dusky lady," she begins, and then turns to stare at Chalky as she continues, "In the land of Ol' Black Joe." Chalky turns and stiffly walks away.

Cut to a close-up of someone's eye, and then a doctor telling Paul Sagorsky that his eyes are a little jaundiced. He examines Sagorsky's hands, and says the spots are erythema, which Paul says is from working in the yard. The doctor asks if he's feeling tired, bruising easily, has itchy skin. Paul's all, "all of the above," and the doctor asks how much he's drinking. Paul reluctantly talks about a promise he made to his daughter, and the doctor matter-of-factly just wants to know the truth. Paul says he's managed to stick to nothing before dinner for the past eight months, "on account of the boy." Before that? asks the doctor, and if you can't be honest with your doctor instead of saying, "I'm no saint," then you're probably in trouble. We learn Sagorsky started drinking when he was fourteen -- which to this Canadian doesn't sound too bad -- but he's going to stop now. But he insists to his silent doctor -- who also shoos away an incoming nurse with a "now is not a good time look -- that the erythema is from working. Once Sagorsky's done making promises and excuses, the doctor says, "All right, I'm going to tell you the things that can be done, and the thing you should be preparing yourself for."

Cut to Sagorsky slowly walking out of the doctor's office into a hall -- I'm guessing this is some sort of VA hospital -- looking grim, moving slowly. He looks down the hall one way, and then the other way -- and spots none other than Richard Harrow at the end, his hand bandaged. Sagorsky calls Richard's name, and Richard flees out the door at the end of the hall and down the stairs. Sagorsky chases him, bumping into other patients along the way, yelling that he needs to talk to Richard. Urgent, but not angry. Sagorsky gets to the stairs and starts racing down, but he slips -- it's almost comical -- and lands on his back, and blacks out. Not for long, though, because we get a POV of Richard standing over him, asking if he's all right. "I'm dying," says Sagorsky. With impeccable comic timing, Richard asks, "Right now?" Heh. And then Sagorsky, who still hasn't gotten up, has to admit that he doesn't know.

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