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Over to the bank, where a smiling Eli Thompson is posing as Eddie Kessler, thanks to the non-photo driver's license he has presented to the helpful … let's call him the accounts manager. He'll be back straightaway, he says, smilingly, but I can't imagine that he thinks for one second that's a 5'4", 158-pound 56-year-old man with grey hair sitting in front of his desk. While he waits, Eli goes through Eddie's accordion-wallet thing, pulling out a newspaper clipping advertising a classical music concert, and a business card from the Artemis Club. Eddie, you old hound! Eli contemplates this, and then the bank manager comes in. In hindsight, Eli probably should have considered that posing as someone else might be difficult at a bank where you're on a first-name basis with the manager. The manager wants to know what's going on -- curious, not accusatory -- and Eli explains that his brother's man Eddie Kessler passed away suddenly a few days ago, and Nucky gave him some important documents to put in the safe-deposit box.

John, the manager, says Eli needs a death certificate -- no problem, says Eli -- but also some legal authority permitting him access to the box. Such as? A last will and testament naming Eli, for example. "It was sudden. Like I said," says Eli, and you can just hear the growing irritation in his voice as he realizes that this isn't going to be as simple as he hoped it would be. The manager suggests a letter or a court order, and Eli's all, "I got the key right here!" John's not swayed by Eli's compelling "cut the crap" logic, and explains that he's got a "fiduciary duty." I was sheriff for nine goddamn years, points out Eli, and John's all, yeah, we could both go to jail over this, and asks if Eli really wants to go through that again. Pissed, Eli sticks Eddie's wallet back in his jacket pocket.

Dinner at the Chalky household, where Lester is raving about the Onyx's piano player, who's "about the best there is" at stride piano, which he enthusiastically explains is a lot more complicated than it seems. Lenore's not convinced, saying it sounds like a lot of banging to her. Chalky is sullenly unswept-up by Lester's enthusiasm too, only allowing that the pianist "keep[s] the rhythm goin'." Maybelle suggests they have him playing at the wedding -- Samuel's over for supper too -- but Lenore figures the setting will be "unusual" enough without getting too "primitive." Oh, those kids and their character-destroying jazz music! Addy wants Lester to play some right now, so they ask to be excused -- "It's your mama's table," says Chalky -- and head for the piano. With the kids gone, Lenore fixes Chalky with a disapproving look and says she wishes he hadn't taken Lester to the club. Chalky fails to see the problem, and Lenore says, while the piano strikes up in the next room, "It puts ideas in his head," and she asks if that's what Chalky wants. Chalky looks up for the first time. "What it matter what I want?" he says. He wipes his mouth, puts the napkin on the table, and walks out, leaving a surprised Lenore sitting there by herself.

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