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I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Deutschland Über Alles

At the Sagorsky household, Julia tidies up after her snoring father -- it's bright daylight outside -- and sighs when she can't rouse him. She knows this is more the passed-out kind of sleeping instead of the so-tired kind of sleeping.

Then she hears Tommy talking downstairs, babbling outside the front door about the constellation Big Bear, speaking to someone the perplexed Julia can't see as she comes down the stairs. "Follow straight up, and there's the north star. That means you can never get lost," he says.

Julia has finally made her way to the door, which she opens fully, and sees Richard crouching there. Richard straightens up. "He is in Wisconstin [sic]," says Tommy. Julia looks hard at Richard. She does not smile.

Hey, what's a trip to Tampa without an alligator fight? Nucky and his partners, as well as Sally, are in a shack lit by strings of hanging lightbulbs, crammed with people cheering on the reptiles thrashing in a pool of water. Nasty sons of bitches, says Lucky, and Sally explains that the alligators are starved and then jacked-up good with a hypo and a little taste of blood -- just enough to get the juices flowing, she says, looking at Nucky -- and then they throw in the tank and get the hell out of the way. Sounds quite like the Gyp Rosetti formula from last season if you ask me.

Nucky notes how much Sally appears to be enjoying herself, and she gives him another sex-stare and says, "I'm just getting warmed up." The raw animal magnetism of Nucky Thompson strikes again!

Time for business, now: McCoy introduces Nucky to this Pierce fellow, who wears a white suit and has an Italian accent that suggests "Pierce" is not his original name. "Welcome to the land of possibilities," he says. He points to the gang of alligator wranglers, which turns out to be Cal and his crew of goons, and says they hunt some of the meanest 'gators the Glades have to offer. "They're pretty mean themselves," says Nucky, and Pierce says you just have to get to know them.

Nucky motions for Meyer and Lucky to come over, and introduces them. "Ah, Siciliano!" says Pierce to Lucky, after getting it straight which one's Lansky and which one's Luciano. "New York," says a guarded Lucky, and Pierce says he's thinking of someone else. By which we know he knows exactly who he's thinking of. A little prodding from Nucky gets "Pierce" to admit that his name is actually Petrucelli, but good luck getting the slack-jawed yokels to pronounce it. Besides, Tampa is about starting yourself over again, no?

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