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Dead and Gone

Rothstein is meeting with Lucky and Lansky and it looks like they've finally come to him with the heroin proposition. Considering AR almost certainly knew that they had been holding out on him -- he seems to know everything -- it's pretty big of him to be so welcoming. Of course, the dollar signs in his eyes are probably brightening up his disposition some. He's already making plans to start importing it themselves. Lucky: "Just so you know, we come to you with this first." Lies. Lansky: "Out of respect." Utter horseshit. From Rothstein's conspicuous non-reaction, I'd say he knows it. Phone call -- it's Nucky. He tells AR of his current dilemma. Manny Horvitz. Would it be cool if Nucky killed him? Given the Waxey Gordon connection? AR raises his eyebrows to Lucky and Lansky, who could give a shit if Manny lives or dies. "I would have no opinion on the matter," he assures Nucky. Nucky tells him he's got a decision to make. "Flip a coin." Rothstein says. "When it's in the air, you'll know which side you're hoping for."

Elsewhere, the fleeing Van Alden, along with Sigrid and the baby, are moving into a boarding house in the Midwest. Cicero, Illinois, in fact. Famous for some criminal named Capone....

Commodore's house. Gillian plays with Tommy in one room, Jimmy gets drunk with Richard in the other room. (BTW, I finally realized why I always have trouble mixing up Jimmy and Tommy's name. Hedwig and the Angry Inch was on TV the other day, and it made me realize Michael Pitt played Tommy Gnosis in that one. Anyway.) Jimmy is regaling Richard with a war story about singing and revelry. Richard's war stories are all about his own personal loneliness and how the unit was the only place he felt he was meant to be. "Nobody was meant to be there," Jimmy assures him. Richard's like, "But we were there. We still are." Jimmy says it's time to come home. "Promise me that you'll try." Jimmy gets a call from Nucky -- "I've located your friend, Mr. Horvitz." He wants to meet at the war memorial in one hour. Jimmy says he'll be there. He tells Richard, and says this is one he has to handle alone. Gillian hears Jimmy head out, and then sees Tommy is wearing his father's dog tags; she's troubled by this. She tells him, "You're gonna be a big man in this city one day. Just like your father." Shudder.

It's pouring rain at the war memorial. Nucky arrives with Sleater and a handcuffed Manny. Jimmy's already there, in his gangster suit and hat. "So now you will have your revenge, Boychik," Manny says. Then, we see a figure emerge behind Jimmy. It's Eli, shotgun drawn. Jimmy's not exactly surprised. I mean, he's a little surprised it's Eli, I guess. Maybe he expected the guy to have more self-respect? Manny reveals his arms are bound by nothing but loose rope. Owen approaches Jimmy to remove his weapons. Eli makes sure he grabs the Fuck Knife from his boot, but he's not armed. "This is the only way we could've ended," he says. Nucky angrily tells him this was his choice. "I died in the trench," Jimmy assures him. "Thought you knew that." Jimmy wonders who's going to do the killing? Manny, Eli, or Owen? Nucky says he's going to do this one himself. A first. He draws his gun and stands frozen. Jimmy makes no move to escape. "My first time I vomited after," he says. Nucky starts yelling at Jimmy for having everything and being so fucking stupid about it, while Jimmy steadily advises Nucky to stay calm and get himself through the kill. "All you gotta worry about is when you run out of booze, and out of company, and the only person left to judge you is your --" BANG! Nucky shoots him in the face before he can finish. "You don't know me, James." Nucky says. "You never did. I am not. Seeking. Forgiveness." BANG. The killshot. No, I guess he's not.

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