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Dead and Gone

On Jimmy's dead face, we flash back to that trench where he died the first time, hardened and dirt-covered and readying himself to make another charge into hell's open mouth.

The next day, Margaret is quite cheerful while Katy sulks around with a pitcher of orange juice. Nucky greets her and says he has an early meeting. She asks where he was so late last night, and in the rain besides. "Just out," he stonewalls. So we're back to that. And not just the stonewalling. He says he ran into Jimmy, they cleared the air, and in fact, Jimmy told him he was reenlisting in the army. And in FACT, he's already left. Margaret at once realizes what happened and how dumb Nucky must think she is to sell her this line. But she stays silent.

Cut to Margaret at Nucky's desk, where she finds the deed to the land Nucky signed over to her. At the same time, we see Nucky has driven out to this same plot of New Jersey field to meet and toast with Bader and his other cronies. Nucky thinks he'll name it the Harding highway. Margaret, at home, ponders the deed -- and ponders quite a few other things, I would imagine -- and ultimately signs it over. To the church! While Nucky counts the millions he's going to be raking in, Margaret calls Katy and tells her to deliver the deed to Father Brennan. Should be a fun next few days at home, I'd say. But that's for Season 3.

Joe R is comforted knowing Jimmy's pouting for the angels somewhere. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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