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Two Boats and a Lifeguard

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Two Boats and a Lifeguard

Nucky and Ginsburg meet with Randolph and her clerk in a great Atlantic City law face-off. Ginsburg rattles off the charges: tax evasion, graft, gambling, Volstead, the works. "You're like an onion," Esther says about Nucky, "the more layers we peel..." Nucky prefers to think of himself as an artichoke. Heh. Nucky professes his innocence, of course. She asks if he wants to talk of his shooting, but he'd rather not. "You're not curious who'd want you dead?" she asks. "I want to know who shot me," Nucky replies. "Listing who'd want me dead would take too long." She asks about Torrio, telling him that his shooter was an associate of Al Capone. "Your so-called friends are trying to kill you," she says. Nucky suggests she go after them, then. Oh, she intends to. And what of Mrs. Schroeder? His "...companion"? How did they meet? Nucky evades, saying she already knows the answers she's looking for. Still, she would be grateful for his being forthcoming. "I do have ways of showing gratitude." Probably not in the way Nucky's used to getting gratitude from women. Speaking of gratitude, Mr. Lathrop here was the one who saved Nucky's life. "Some thanks might be in order," she says, as they leave. Nucky ponders.

At the beach, Angela tries to relax, given the circumstances. As she's lost in thought, nearby is a bathing beauty with a skirt that goes down only to her upper thigh. Scandal! She gets shit from a schoolmarm patrolling the beach, who is not, I am sad to report, played by Dana Ivey. What happened to her? Bummer. Schoolmarm writes this woman up a summons, while Angela's all, "Pretty shitty town, huh?" The lady -- from San Francisco -- says to make it out to Molly Fletcher. When she refuses to pay it, the schoolmarm calls a cop over, at which point Angela decides to defuse the situation by paying the fine herself. After the schoolmarm leaves, the two ladies get to talking, while in the background, a child laborer patrols the beach with a sandwich board that reads "Angela's a Lesbian, Remember?" The woman's name isn't Molly, for one thing. It's Louise. Molly is just a character in the book she's writing . A novelist, huh? How very Greenwich Village! Louise asks Angela what she does. Angela says she's still trying to decide.

Jimmy and Gillian are arguing quietly at home, as he defensively asks if she thinks it's his fault that they're in the situation they're in. "Success has many fathers," Gillian says. "Failure just one." Manny Horvitz arrives, with Mickey Doyle in tow. Gillian and Manny flirt for a moment, then she leaves them to their business. Gillian does a very good job of keeping up the front that she's not a prime mover behind Jimmy's business decisions. Too bad she keeps undermining it with all the mouth-kissing. Manny looks around the opulent surroundings at the Commodore's house. There's an underlying tension, not only because of Jimmy's failure, but also because he still owes Manny that five grand. And Manny, while officially letting Jimmy slide on it for now, is not letting him forget the debt is there. Especially when he's living in such a house. Jimmy stresses that it's his father's house, not his. Manny also seems perturbed that Jimmy tried to off Nucky, although he broaches that subject obliquely. He gets up and looks at the stuffed bear in the corner. He tells a story of a man who came into his shop with a deer he'd just shot, wanting Manny to cut off the head for him. Manny offered to butcher the whole animal, but "this piece of shit" wasn't interested in the meat. He just wanted the head to mount on his wall (his friend did the shooting, even). "For this alone, you kill?" Manny asks with disdain. "To brag to your friends that you killed this beautiful animal?" Manny clearly regards this man as less than dirt, and in doing so, he's intentionally tarring men like the Commodore with the same brush. And Jimmy, for attempting to do the same with Nucky. Jimmy knows exactly what Manny means and sticks up for himself. "I've eaten venison, if that's what you're getting at" he says. "And you hid behind Papa when he pulled the trigger," Manny replies. Uh-oh! Time for the patented Michael Pitt Pouty Face!

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