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Two Boats and a Lifeguard

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Two Boats and a Lifeguard

That night, Nucky and Margaret reconvene at home. She takes his hand and says she's sorry about his father. "People die," is Nucky's response. Margaret is surprised that's all he has to say. "I pretend all day," Nucky sighs. "Must I pretend with you too?" Margaret changes the subject to the prosecutor, and Nucky tells her that Esther knows about the two of them, and about all his various dealings. Margaret is worried that Nucky will go to jail, but he assures her nothing will happen to them. "Is this all worth it?" she asks. Nucky says he can't let "those greedy bastards" win. Margaret counters that it might be greedy to risk one's life in order to hold on to a fiefdom. Nucky tells Margaret a story about a drowning man who is confident that his faith in God will save him. A lifeguard offers to help, but the man turns him down, saying God will save him. Ditto when a rowboat and then a steam ship come by -- God will save him. Then, when the man dies, he asks God in heaven why he didn't save him. God says he sent him a lifeguard, a rowboat, and a steam ship -- what did he expect? It's a decent joke, although it felt more applicable when The West Wing did it. It draws not even a smile from Margaret. He assures her they will both get through this.

Jimmy returns home to find Tommy napping and Angela having a cigarette outside. Smoking is new for her (note that Louise was smoking). "Why'd you marry me?" she asks him. He says because he loves her. Angela: "Is that what you tell yourself." He asks her what her reasons were, obviously trying to stump her. But it seems like she's been stewing on this for a while, and she's ready with answers: "Because we have a child together. It's what society expected from me. Because you kept pushing it." Jimmy is wounded, but she wants honesty right now. He tells her he's been selling booze. She asks if he tried to have Nucky killed. After a long pause, he cops to it. He didn't want to, but yes and he tells her about Commodore and Eli and the plan. He tells her that the kind Nucky she knows is not what he seems. It's complicated. "I keep drawing lines for myself in the sand," he says. She wants to know what changed his mind, and he admits it was his mother. She's gotta love hearing that. She takes it all in, then gets up. She thanks him for talking to her.

At the Atlantic City Armory, soldiers are taking training exercises. Wow, the days when armories were actually used for keeping arms. Nucky sees the guy in charge, and tells him to tell the Feds tailing him that he was here but then left. He looks at a crate of tommy guns and wonders if they're expecting an invasion. The armory guy says it's surplus from the war. He then leans over to Eddie and snarks,"Who knew your Kaiser would chicken out so quickly?" He laughs and Eddie mutters "...asshole" as he walks away.

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