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Two Boats and a Lifeguard

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Two Boats and a Lifeguard

The next day, Nucky arrives early at the funeral parlor in order to mourn for his father -- or whatever he's planning to do -- in solitude, but of course Eli arrives to fuck it up. Things are tense. Nucky snarks that Eli must be surprised that it's not Nucky in the box. "I had nothing to do with that," he bald-faced lies. And besides, from Nucky's perspective, he did nothing to stop it. They talk about an old family wake that took place at their house when they were kids. Eli was terrified. Nucky says he came early today because he didn't think anyone would be here. Eli is surprised he came at all. Nucky says he came for their mother and sister, and Eli remarks that they're all in heaven together now. Nucky's like, you think that bastard is in heaven? If it exists at all? Eli starts snorfling: "Was he that bad?" Whatever he did made them into the men they are today, after all. "We run this fucking town, Nucky." Nucky's like, WE don't run anything, and he can rot in hell. Eli then gets on his high horse -- such hairpin turns of petulant emotion from Eli today! -- about how Nucky has "no capacity for forgiveness." Nucky simply tells his little brother to grow up and take some responsibility. Seeeeriously. Eli leaves, and Nucky prepares to go too. He walks up to the casket and sees his father's shoe is untied. He goes to tie it and starts breaking down; it's always the little things like that, isn't it?

At the post office, Mr. Lathrop gets a delivery from Nucky -- a basket of fruit with a note attached: "You're a peach. Thanks for saving my life." Brillz, Nucky.

Nucky arrives to meet with Jimmy, Gillian, the Commodore, and Leander. Nucky gives what sounds like a prepared speech about the last few months, the threats and accusations. He says he's got a new outlook since his father passed. The Commodore croaks out that he's sorry to hear that, which is both pathetic and strangely sweet? Anyway, Nucky is thinking that he doesn't need this and no longer wants it. "I have the love of a fine woman," he says. "And the joy of raising her two wonderful children." He plans to sell some property and live off the profits, once his legal troubles are behind him. "You built this town," he says, looking at Commodore and Leander. "Now you can have it back. And all that goes with it." He's instructed Bader to give them full cooperation. He's stepping down, and he won't stand in their way anymore. As he goes to leave, Jimmy speaks up. After a long pause, he says, "Good luck to you." Nucky turns back and replies simply: "And to you too, James."

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