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Mother May I Sleep With Danger?

At the doctor's office, they're trying leg braces on Emily Schroeder. Father Brennan is there with them, which should give an indication as to how prominently the Church is factoring in Margaret's life these days. Emily falters some as she tries to take her first steps. Doc pulls Margaret aside and says they have a lot of work to do. It might be rough at first, and she'll be strongly tempted to go back to crawling, but "we're not going to let that happen, are we?" Father Brennan comforts Margaret with a story about a man who went to visit both heaven and hell. In hell, the tormented souls were at a table filled with food, but they were starving because the spoons were so long, they couldn't get them into their mouths. Their frustration was their torment. In heaven, same long tables full of food, same long spoons, but the souls were fed and satisfied, because they were feeding each other. He tells her the donation she made went towards the construction of a new parish hall. They have enough for walls and a floor, now they're just paying for a roof. Margaret says she can find more to give, but Brennan says that's not at all what he was trying to say. Sad-faced, he puts a hand on her shoulder. She still thinks she can buy Emily out of perdition. Or herself, anyway.

Outside the Darmody house, they're loading Angela and Fun Louise into the ambulance, as Gillian watches, cigarette in hand, from the window. She takes questions from a police officer about the whereabouts of her son. She explains he's out of town on business, though on what business she won't say. She's annoyed that her request to speak to Eli has gone unheeded, and the cop won't tell her it's because Eli is behind bars. He just wants the facts. "The facts are these," Gillian indignantly responds. "My son's wife was being intimate with another woman. I highly doubt if it was the first time. An intruder broke in, killed them both." That doesn't sound suspicious at all! In the living room, Richard stares at the bloody spot in the bedroom where the bodies were piled. The cop asks him what, if anything, he knows about Jimmy's whereabouts. He hesitates, which gives Gillian time to tapdance. "Can't you see this man is a simpleton?" she pipes up. "He's just someone my son is charitable to." Ouch, lady. It gets the cop to leave, anyway. But man, poor Richard. Gillian asks him about Jimmy, and he says Jimmy wouldn't answer the phone. Richard then walks to the bedroom and stares at the blood. Angela was so kind to him. Wonder if he thinks Jimmy did it. Hard to believe anyone wouldn't.

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