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Mother May I Sleep With Danger?

That night, Nucky and Margaret are preparing for bed, and Nucky can't wrap his head around the heaven-and-hell-and-spoons story Margaret has repeated to him. "Can't they just bend their arms?" he says, honestly baffled. "Or grip the spoons higher up on the handle?" Margaret is frustrated that he's missing the point. Nucky's hard-line agnosticism is butting up against Margaret's newfound hold on her religion. Emily calls from the next room -- she needs to go potty -- and Margaret storms out.

Meanwhile, Eli is still in jail, getting a visit from his lawyer. Eli refuses to read Halloran's deposition on account of he says it's horseshit. He says Halloran wants to get him out of the way as sheriff, and also probably wants retribution for the beating he took on the picket line, though Eli also disclaims responsibility for that. The lawyer is buying none of this. He tells Eli he won't be getting any bail, because he's a flight risk. Eli is petulant about all this, big shocker. He won't admit to taking orders from his brother, even though if he rolls over on Nucky, the lawyer says, Randolph will spare his life. Eli is shocked to learn his life is on the line, but yes: he could end up in the electric chair.

Back to Princeton, where Jimmy's room is located right next to train tracks -- this will be important for later metaphors. Gillian has arrived, looking anxious. She talks about her latest paramour back in Atlantic City, who turned out to be married. Jimmy pours her a drink, and she encourages him to have one too, but he's supposed to write an essay. Mother of the Year insists, though. She wonders what he's been up to, and says she hears he's been kissing a girl. He says her name's Angela, and Gillian playfully (but secretly seriously) says that's fine, only if it's just the kissing. Already the flirtation between these two seems more insistent, right? "I can't ever get too sad," she sighs dreamily, "because no matter what I have you." He clinks her glass and kisses her on the forehead. She perks up: "Now what are we college kids going to do for fun?"

Back in the present, Van Alden stares at his divorce papers while Randolph and her cronies puzzle over Margaret Schroeder's place in all this Nucky business. Lathrop surmises that she "went after" Nucky, snaring him "with her feminine..." "...don't say 'wiles.'" Randolph interrupts. She asks Van Alden's opinion, but he lies that she left no impression on him in either direction. Bring her in, Randolph says. Nelson signs the papers.

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