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Mother May I Sleep With Danger?

In some Princeton catacomb or another, Jimmy is flasking it when Angela finds him. She tries to get him to return to the party with her when they both spot Gillian angrily bursting out of some alcove, her dress all askew. Jimmy is alarmed. "I thought we were just flirting," Gillian says. Jimmy looks down the way and spots his professor. Jimmy storms down and demands to know what he did to his mother. Pearson is A) drunk, and B) flabbergasted to find out she's his mom. Jimmy demands he get up, and he staggers to his feet. He tells Jimmy there's no sense in winding himself up to do something stupid. "I will apologize in a convincingly chivalrous fashion," he promises. At this bit of insincerity, Jimmy slugs him. Angela covers her mouth in shock, while Gillian looks on in silent approval. Pearson tells him to walk away and they'll forget it happened, but Jimmy keeps slugging away. Gillian keeps looking on. She's ... aroused?

Van Alden shows up for a secret meeting requested by Mickey Doyle. Mickey invites him to sit for a drink, but Van Alden declines. "Please," he insists. "I don't like the way you loom." Heh. Mickey outlines his dissatisfaction with this new arrangement with his unfriendly partners. He says he, Luciano, Capone and "the Jew kid" are planning to meet and divvy up their moneys. And Jimmy? Mickey could give a fuck about Jimmy, considering old wounds. He just wants Van Alden to know there will be a meeting, and at this meeting, large sums of ill-gotten gains will be exchanged. Van Alden's like, get to the part where you say what you want. Mickey wants half of the 300 grand to be exchanged at the meeting; Van Alden can pocket the other half. Mickey extends a hand, but Van Alden turns him down flat. He gets up from the table and tells Mickey not to contact him again. Mickey can't BELIEVE what's happening to him today. "You gonna fuck me over?" he yelps. "'Cause that's not how I think!"

Princeton. Jimmy returns Gillian to their room, and they are both very drunk. At this point, we can see what's coming like the trains barreling down the tracks outside the room. It's just a matter of waiting for it. She tells him to take off his bloody shirt so she can rinse it. She assures him Nucky will fix the matter with the battered professor. She says she's lonely. His nipples are insanely erect. He takes off her shoes, her stockings, her dress; she warns him not to do anything stupid with Angela. Mmm hmm. They're too drunk to remember anything tomorrow, at least according to Gillian. He finally goes to lay her down, they stumble, and he's on top of her. "There's no one else in the world but you and me," she whispers to him. The train outside roars past, they can barely hear each other; just enough that when she grabs his face and kisses him, and then they start making out, he can hear nothing but her telling him that none of this is wrong. The train arrives at the station. As it were.

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