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Mother May I Sleep With Danger?

Margaret sits at home and stares into space. Boy, they sure sucked all the fun out of her these last few episodes. Guess a lady can't sex up her husband's wicked hot bodyguard without getting punished for it. "Drinking alone?" Nucky remarks at her. "Drinking at all?" for that matter. She's been subpoenaed, see. He says to ignore it, that Fallon will handle it. He's awfully glib about it. She tersely reminds him that yesterday he thought he was going to the chair. Well, today, Van Alden is not a credible witness, and Nucky will figure out a way to handle his brother. "We began in sin..." Margaret begins, but Nucky doesn't want to hear it. She persists that they'll end in sin unless they change. They argue some more about her bullshit superstitions and his bullheaded insistence that nothing that's happening has been brought on themselves. He tries to explain that Emily was stricken by a disease, plain and simple, but Margaret refuses to believe she isn't culpable. Why? "I have stolen, and cheated and deceived," and now she and her loved ones are being punished for that. Nucky turns stone-faced. "Who did you steal from?" he demands. "My family," she says. "My employer, you." Who'd she deceive? "Anyone who thinks I'm good." Oh, brother. I'm sorry. This Irish Catholic shit is just too boring for words. Finally, Nucky hits the money question: "And who have you cheated on?" She hesitates long enough for us to think her self-hatred extends to blowing her own spot, but ultimately she pusses out (though it does seem like Nucky all but knows). "I live with the man who had the father of my children murdered." Nucky puts on a convincing show of being outraged at this false accusation. Margaret: "I can't go on pretending that I'm not being called to account!" At this, she holds her subpoena aloft. Nucky's eyes go wide -- what is she saying? Is she actually going to testify? He grabs her arms -- if she wants to sacrifice herself, fine, but he will NOT have her sacrifice him, and she doesn't want to test him on this. "Will you strike me now?" she accuses, probably hoping he will so she can feel like she's deserved that too. "I have given you EVERYTHING," he yells at her. He must feel like an idiot, right?

Jimmy has finally returned home, though he still looks drunk enough to be functionally comatose. Gillian is blithely making funeral plans while needlepointing. She condescends about how Angela had few friends and then moves on to the best way to shelter Tommy from the news, proposing they say that Mommy went to go live in Paris with her friends. She's just sliding into the co-parent role without any shame, which must both irk and implicate Jimmy in equal measure. She begins to say that -- without wanting to sound "cold" -- a month from now, Tommy won't even remember Angela. She doesn't get to finish the thought, because Jimmy charges up from his seat and puts both hands around his mother's throat. "I'll remember!" he keeps repeating. Suddenly, Jimmy's assault is stopped by the Commodore, who seems to have recovered from the stroke well enough to lunge that giant spear-type thing of his into the back of Jimmy's shoulder blade. With Jimmy on the floor, he lunges again, looking to plunge the thing into his heart. So much for wanting his prince to inherit the kingdom. They struggle, and Commodore ultimately has Jimmy up against the wall, with the shaft of the spear choking him out. Bereft of options, Jimmy reaches for his giant Fuck Knife, and before you know it, sticks his father in the gut.

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