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What Does the Bee Do?

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What Does the Bee Do?

In the foyer, Eli is freaking out. "He's a fucking vegetable!" he yells, and Gillian has to snap at him to keep it down. Jimmy quietly wonders what to do now, while Eli and Gillian have an animated argument. Once again, Eli's insecurities come to the fore, as he frets that the Gillian/Jimmy/Commodore family unit are going to box him out. "None of that's normal," he says of their familial bond. "It never was!" Gillian reminds Eli that it all suited him pretty well up until today. So what to do without the Dore's connections? Gillian says they'll be fine. Louis will recover, and in the meantime, Jimmy will handle things. Eli is, shall we say, dubious. They've moved into the Big Game room, and all Jimmy's done so far is pet the stuffed leopard, so maybe Eli's got a point. They're into the Commodore's cronies for 70 grand, which seems to be the biggest problem. Jimmy says they'll get that money once they unload the liquor. Which... can't be now, because the town is flush. They've flooded their market. Eli says Jimmy's going to have to look out of market -- New York, Philadelphia, somewhere. Jimmy's like, we have no buyers in any of those places, you want me to go door-to-door? Eli pouts that these two seem to have it all figured out, so why bother even making suggestions? After he leaves, Jimmy wonders if it wasn't a mistake letting Eli see the debilitated Commodore. Gillian apologizes for getting heated kisses Jimmy on the lips. Sigh. It's not normal and it never was.

At the Ritz, Nucky is instructing Eddie on party planning for Bader's birthday. Eddie is taking his job very seriously. Meanwhile, Nucky wants Arnold Rothstein on the phone.

Rothstein's at home when he gets the call. Mrs. Rothstein tells him it's Nucky and then asks after Arnold's upset stomach, sweetly wondering if he should be eating so much apple bread. He says it has a binding effect, and "sound elimination is the basis of good health." He'd probably get along with Van Alden. At least until the whole Jew thing came up. His wife gives him a smile that is both charmed and accustomed to Arnold's particulars. I bet they have a really great marriage, you guys. Let's not assume that everyone in the '20s was a violent, philandering chauvinist! Before he picks up the receiver, Rothstein practices his "Mr. Thompson" greeting, which is just such a great touch. So much of Rothstein's business image is meticulously practiced. Nucky says he needs a port, since he's walled in by the coast guard in AC. Rothstein suggests Long Island, but it's too far. Nucky suggests Philadelphia, though AR would have to cut in Waxey Gordon in that case. Nucky doesn't look thrilled by this -- especially by the 20% to AR and 20% to Waxey he'll be giving up -- but he's in a pinch. Rothstein says his 20% brings with it protection, in the form of Luciano. Nucky is again not thrilled but what's he gonna do? They have a deal.

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