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What Does the Bee Do?

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What Does the Bee Do?
"Whatever love is, that's what I felt for Emma." But after the war, as she nursed him back to health, suddenly he felt different. Felt nothing. Lost his ability to love. When his wounds healed, he moved to Chicago to get lost and hasn't spoken to her since. Yet he's sentimental enough to ask Al Capone how Odette the whore is doing. Angela is swooning, but in a sad way. She stops drawing, and when she does, Richard voluntarily removes his mask and slowly turns to her. She doesn't flinch, just grabs a new sheet and begins to draw.

Nucky and Fleming meet with Owen Sleater in a shady basement area somewhere. Seems Sleater's IRA experience is going to come in handy for Nucky after all, as he's aces at building bombs. Oh, nice stereotyping, HBO. I bet he drinks and writes poetry too! (Actually, probably, yeah.) He says back in Ireland he executed a bombing a week "to send a message to the crown." Fleming is super nervous around the bundled sticks, which makes Sleater laugh a bit. He verrrry gingerly hands the blasting caps to Sleater, who attaches them to the explosives. He places an old-timey clock on it (they really don't make bombs the way they used to anymore) and quips, "somebody's going out of business." "Mickey Doyle," says Nuck. ...Eh, no great loss.

New York. Lansky and Luciano's Lower East Side gambling parlor. Lucky is assessing his suitcases full of watches, which annoys Lansky, since he thinks it makes them look like cheap street-corner hucksters. Benny comes in and says Rothstein's here, and they think he's fucking with them. But no, Lansky spots him out by the card tables and is like, for God's sake, bring him in before he cleans us out. Lansky and Luciano hurriedly sweep aside all evidence of side businesses as AR walks in and makes small, self-deprecating talk about the gamblers out there. He's come to discuss the deal with Nucky, Philly, and Waxey. The route to Atlantic City will be his responsibility, and while Lansky thinks he wants them to recruit the muscle, in reality he wants them to be the muscle. Neither Lansky nor Lucky likes the sound of that. They've got business going in NYC that they don't want to abandon. They dither, they flatter, they reason as businessmen, but they clearly don't want to do this. AR says he recently had lunch with Masseria, who, he strongly implies, is only not killing Meyer and Lucky because of Rothstein's intervention. But Lucky upset he broke bread with him at all. AR: "We were served a native dish of tripe. Which I cannot abide. But I ate it anyway, to keep the peace. Some things, Charlie, you just have to swallow." So, that's that. After Rothstein leaves, Lucky is so angry, he knocks the watches off the desk.

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