The Man In The Bear

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The Man In The Bear

A veterinarian named Denise digs inside a dead bear's stomach while a Native American (that's important in a moment) park ranger named Sherman wonders why she's bothering, when it's clear that the bear died from a gunshot wound. Denise thinks it's some sort of "honor animals and nature" thing causing Sherman to complain, but Sherman is really sure that a scared camper shot the bear and doesn't see the need to determine cause of death. Denise reminds Sherman that it's the law, as she pulls various foodstuffs out of the bear's stomach. She stops when she realizes that she's found a partially-digested human hand. Aaaaand there's my dinner.

Booth brings the hand-in-bear-stomach case to Brennan, explaining that a bear in eastern Washington state had multiple human bone fragments in its stomach. Brennan wonders why they got the case; it seems like the bear just ate someone, and that's the end of the story. Brennan plugs a USB key into her monitor and looks at the photos from the remains. She finds evidence that the hand was already separate from its owner when the bear ate it. And then she whips the USB key out of the slot without properly giving the command to remove it! I would kill one of my students for doing that. It's the best way to corrupt data. I thought she was supposed to be so smart. Anyway, Brennan thinks she's finished with the case, but Booth explains that they're going to Washington to continue the investigation, and gives her a total Charlie Brown smile that cracked me up. I really think Boreanaz is having fun with this role. He should really get a sitcom. Maybe he could guest on How I Met Your Mother as Lily's cheesy ex-boyfriend.

Brennan complains to her boss that Booth gets to decide that they're going to Washington. Her boss clarifies that Booth made a request, but he's the one who actually made the decision, and adds that he wants Brennan to live a little. Brennan asks if he's suggesting that she have sex with Booth, and the boss is like, "Whoa, where did that come from?" The boss thought that Brennan would be psyched about the work, if nothing else, but she still seems pissed. But in every other episode, she's been begging to go out on field trips, and the very first time we saw her, she was returning from one. So what's up with her hating to leave the office now? Weird.

Booth and Brennan have arrived in Washington and are driving to their destination. Booth says that field trips aren't exactly his idea of a good time either, especially since he only gets a $50 per diem. Brennan is shocked that he gets so little, and claims that she has an unlimited expense account. They banter over whether that's reasonable, or an example of governmental waste. Booth has his sunglasses on, but pushed up onto his forehead, like, either you need sunglasses, or you don't, but you don't get to have it both ways. Brennan argues that she has an "indispensable skill," so they give her an unlimited expense account, which Booth finds ludicrous. Booth wants Brennan to take him out to dinner using her expense account, and when she won't immediately agree, he reminds her that he gets to decide whether or not she gets to use a gun. She agrees to breakfast, and that's it. As they drive, a song that sounds like a knockoff of "Nearly Lost You" by the Screaming Trees plays on the soundtrack. Because they're in Washington! And apparently, it's 1993.

Booth and Brennan arrive on the set of Northern Exposure and continue bickering about whether or not they're in a small town. They are! And I bet it's filled with quirky denizens as well! Booth claims that he's been to Guatemala (and don't ask how that came up), which Brennan doubts, so Booth says he was there to "shoot someone through the heart from 1500 feet." Mysterious Sniper Past!

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