The Man In The S.U.V.

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The Man In The S.U.V.

Brennan records her thoughts into a small recorder while looking over the remains. She interprets that the bones are definitely someone who was about 38 years old, and of Afghani descent. The bones also show evidence of malnourishment, which Zack supplies is consistent with the area where Masruk grew up. Brennan tells Zack to reconstruct the skull, and he's psyched. Brennan finds evidence of torture to the bottom of the feet, also consistent with Masruk's history. Or really anyone who grew up in the same place as Masruk. Brennan concludes that it's definitely Masruk, but I think the evidence is pretty weak. Gibson, standing nearby, is also not convinced, and asks why Zack is reconstructing the skull at all if Brennan is so sure. Brennan snaps that it's a learning institute, and that she needs to get the data to Booth. Gibson says he'll take it, but Brennan only works with Booth. Why don't they fire her? Bring down that person from Montreal or whatever.

Brennan shows up at Booth's apartment as he's pulling on his shirt. Boreanaz has still got a nice chest, I'll say that. Brennan shows him the file and says that Masruk is the bomber. A woman walks into the room wearing only a man's shirt, underwear, and a bra. And I know she's wearing a bra, because she didn't bother to button up the shirt too much. Come on. Have some modesty. Booth introduces the woman, Tessa, to Brennan, and they shake hands while Tessa's boob continues to hang out. Booth says that Tessa is a corporate attorney. Brennan tries to make small talk, and it predictably falls flat. Booth finishes getting dressed and says he's heading into the office and invites Brennan along. He gives Tessa a lingering kiss before he leaves.

As Booth and Brennan walk into the office, Brennan is chuckling over the fact that Booth has a girlfriend, since she didn't think he seemed like the type. They banter for a while about relationships and sexual bonds until they are interrupted by another agent. Booth reports that the driver was definitely Masruk. The other agent says that Ballistics determined that the bomb was placed under the car and tied into the odometer, so Masruk was murdered. So, wait. If the bomb-placer wanted to commit an act of terrorism, why would they tie the bomb to the odometer? Masruk could have gone for a long, lonely drive on a country road and ended up killing only himself. I guess I'm assuming terrorism was the end goal, and not murder. Booth asks if they know who did it, and the other agent says that's Booth's job to figure out.

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