The Man In The S.U.V.

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The Man In The S.U.V.

Booth returns Mrs. Masruk's materials and apologizes for her loss. Mrs. Masruk starts going off on them for assuming her husband was a terrorist due to his ethnic background. Brennan gets pissed right back and explains how all the evidence pointed to Masruk, but Booth interrupts her to state official FBI policy about not targeting people due to their ethnicity. Brennan still doesn't get why Mrs. Masruk is so upset, and Mrs. Masruk says that her honesty is a relief. Mrs. Masruk wants to know when she can bury her husband. Brennan starts talking about multiple body parts again, and Booth tries to smooth it over, but Brennan says that she knows it's Muslim law to retrieve all remains possible. Mrs. Masruk looks touched, and Brennan explains that she worked in Iraq identifying bodies. Mrs. Masruk asks if there's anything else. Booth says that the final calls on Masruk's cell phone came from their house. Mrs. Masruk says that it was her, and they had an argument about a family matter. She sounds fairly flat when she says that her last words to her husband were words of anger. Shouldn't she be more upset about that? Mrs. Masruk walks out, and Booth says that he thinks she's having an affair. Me too, Booth.

Booth and Brennan walk into a bar, arguing over whether or not Mrs. Masruk was having an affair. Brennan doesn't think there's any real evidence, and Booth points out all the circumstantial evidence he has, like that Mrs. Masruk lost weight and dyed her hair. Angela, who is sitting at a nearby table listening to headphones, takes them out so that she can eavesdrop. Brennan and Booth continue to argue, and Angela joins them. Brennan accuses Booth of thinking he knows about women because he lives with "a sexy lawyer." Angela is surprised to hear about this. Brennan explains their argument to Angela, who asks how long the couple was married. Booth says it was eleven years, and Angela agrees that Mrs. Masruk was having an affair. Brennan is doubly frustrated now, and Booth is grinning. Hee! Brennan asks why Booth didn't confront Mrs. Masruk with the affair, and Angela answers that if Mrs. Masruk or her boyfriend were involved with the murder, Mrs. Masruk would warn the boyfriend. Booth agrees. I think Angela and Booth have more chemistry than Brennan and Booth. Brennan leaves in a huff, and Angela starts grilling Booth about his girlfriend.

In the lab, Zack is having trouble reconstructing the skull, and Brennan says they need to return the remains to the widow. Zack thinks the integrity of the bones is compromised somehow. Jack and Brennan debate what the cause could be, and after a look in the microscope, and at Masruk's file, Brennan says Masruk could have had a degenerative disease. She orders Jack to do some tests, and says that if they can't find a disease for the cause, Masruk might have been exposed to a toxin. Brennan realizes that if he was, his brother was also, since he's been having similar symptoms. He has? I mean, his skin was kind of bad, but they could have made that more explicit.

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