The Man In The S.U.V.

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The Man In The S.U.V.
discovered Bro's activities, and that's when they were both exposed to the poison. So helpful of Bro to leave all his clues sitting out in the open like that! But wait! There's more! Booth finds a mechanic's guide to Musrak's SUV with the page about odometers dog-eared. No, I'm not making that up. He really found that. For crying out loud. I wish that were the end of it. Brennan finds Bro's prayer rug and extremist materials! He wasn't a Christian! Booth finds something that convinces him that Bro has made another bomb, and is out in the world with it right now. Brennan asks Jack what the dispersal rate is for two liters of dioxin. Jack says it's three to five hundred meters, and it would be horrible for anyone exposed. If only Bro had left one more clue about what he was planning! Oh, but wait! Booth finds a day planner with that day marked.

As Booth and Brennan speed away in the SUV, Booth is on the phone with the FBI, reporting that the store owner across the street saw Bro get on a bus and head downtown. Brennan is on the phone with Angela, also trying to figure out bus schedules. Booth says that 5:30 PM was circled in the date book. Brennan reports that to Angela, who does an online search and…what a break! Man, it only takes one break to make a case. Or in this instance, like five million breaks. Angela finds that there is a peace conference at the Hamilton Conference Center with speeches by Arab moderates and a senator. Booth and Brennan banter about how ridiculous it is to blow people up to bring about peace, like, thanks for the anti-terrorism lecture. Booth tells the FBI what they know, and calls for backup, but warns them not to spook Bro, or he'll blow himself up. Booth once again tries to convince Brennan to let him handle it, and predictably, Brennan's not having it.

Booth and Brennan arrive at the Cultural Center, where a crowd has gathered. Booth and Brennan search for Bro, but don't see him. They head to the second floor for a better vantage point. Brennan asks if Booth will shoot if they see Bro, and Booth says he won't take out a target unless he's sure. Brennan asks if it's easier to kill a person by calling him a target, and Booth points out that it's not really the time for a philosophical discussion on the ethics of being a sniper.

The Homeland Security backup starts to arrive. Brennan spots Bro on the first floor, stumbling across the floor, holding a giant, heavy messenger bag. She points him out, but Booth isn't sure it's him. Brennan uses her super magic vision to say something about his skull bones matching his profile. Booth draws his gun, and Brennan keeps pointing out similarities. Finally, she just shouts Bro's name, causing him to turn and look. Booth tells him to get down, and Bro grabs for the detonator. Booth takes him out. People scream and run off. Homeland Security swarms. Bro is dead from a single bullet to the head. Homeland Security checks the bomb and nods to Booth to let him know he did the right thing.

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