The Man In The S.U.V.

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The Man In The S.U.V.

Booth and Brennan sit in a bar, looking depressed. Booth says that he didn't want any publicity or awards from the operation, because "there's no pleasure in taking someone's life" and it's "nothing to celebrate." Brennan points out that he saved a lot of people, and Booth smiles at her and offers her a drink. Brennan thinks he should be getting home to Tessa. Buzzkill. Booth agrees and stands up. He thanks Brennan for her help and they stare at each other for a while until Booth walks out. Brennan drinks her wine. Didn't Booth just offer her a drink? She already has one. He didn't offer her another drink, just a drink. Confusing.

Brennan goes back to the lab, where she apparently often works drunk, and starts identifying remains from World War I. Meanwhile, Booth has dinner with Tessa, but they don't really talk.

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