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I Bring You... FIRE!

Kat runs to the pile of burning coffins. She's about half way up when Will stops her. He, of course, will not listen to her screams and pulls her down to the ground. Kat shouts and screams and then turns into a commercial for the 11:00 news. Oh, hang on. I think I need to fast-forward. Ah! Here we go. Kat is screaming and the flames are rising higher, and the statue at the top of the bonfire catches fire, and Kat is crying. Then it starts raining very hard immediately above the bonfire. She should really learn to control that. Roxie and Kat look delighted, but I'd think Joanna's coffin would still be pretty hot and smoke-filled. The rain stops and Will climbs up and opens up Joanna's coffin. She's fine.

Slightly later, Joanna does not want to go to the hospital even though Bun assures her they have pretty good brownies on Tuesdays. Kat, Roxie, and Will all insist that she go. Joanna awkwardly thanks Will, and he tells her that Kat walked through fire to get to her. Mia goes off with Josh, because this is all boring adult stuff. It occurs to Roxie that she hasn't seen Chad. Josh hasn't either. Roxie reports that the Sheriff is definitely on the lookout for Pastor Dunn. Everyone leaves Kat and Joanna alone.

Kat apologizes for the fight. Joanna apologizes too, but now that Kat's saved her damn life, she's willing to forgive her. Also, she admits that she doesn't even really know Will. And Kat is her real friend. She runs through a number of food-related metaphors and they hug. Joanna apologizes for calling Kat a "copper-headed biatch". Joanna reflects that she got lucky that it started raining when it did and Kat agrees with her.

Penny comes home to find Jamie lurking outside her apartment. Jamie gives her the news about Joanna being found. She asks why Jamie's being so nice to her while she's being such a jerk, and he says that A) he finds her accent hot, and B) he needs help taking down Darryl Van Horne, who is evil. How does he know Darryl's evil? "Because he killed my mother."

Darryl's limo rolls up to the remnants of the bonfire party. Darryl is inside it. Roxie tells him he's five hours late, and Darryl cheerfully explains that he was busy installing his statue at the Eastwick Inn. Also, he wanted to make a grand entrance. He spooks Bun, who runs away. Roxie says that she's had a bad night and they embrace. Just then! Chad walks by, drinking a beer. He fumes. Roxie promises to call Darryl later and goes off to get Bun home. As Roxie gets into the car with Bun, she asks "Is it just me, or was this the longest day ever?" I was going to mention that: this whole episode took place on one day! She talks for awhile about how she wants to get a better handle on her psychic visions so that she can change the future more often, and Bun stops her. "You can't change the future! There are things which have been set in motion which cannot be undone. We can't change destiny no matter how hard we try." Roxie absorbs the fact that someone is going to die after all, and we see Chad walk up to the statue of Darryl at the Eastwick Inn. He attacks the legs with a crowbar, then walks away. It falls on him and kills him. Good one, dummy.

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