All Hallow's Eve

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Ray. Trick-or-treaters enthusiastically run up to the porch of a house, collecting candy as a woman happily gives them some. Beside the woman, there's a grumpy man complaining that some kids ran up to his house, pushed his granddaughter down (splitting her lip), and stole his pumpkin. He's telling this to Gedrick and Ray. But nothing stops his wife's candy-giving campaign. As the old man tries to plug his extension cords together, he gets a shock and drops the cords. Why? There's no real reason why. Gedrick asks how many of them were there. The old man grumps that there were three, and that they were dressed like Presidents. It's a big ol' Keanufest on this episode, isn't it? "The disrespectful sons of bitches," the old man grumps again. Gedrick asks whether all they took was a plastic pumpkin. "What do you mean, 'all'?!" the old man challenges Gedrick. Apparently, the pumpkin not only cost thirty bucks and lit up, but his granddaughter picked it out. His granddaughter's got expensive tastes. Maybe she deserved the split lip. Teach her a little something about the value of money and objects. Ray asks whether they took anything else, like money or jewelry. The old man's putting Halloween props back in their places, as if his porch got ransacked. He asks if this has happened before. Ray says that every year this happens, but usually kids wait until dark. "Sons of bitches," the old man repeats again. "No, all they took was the pumpkin. I got a pistol by the bed. .22 caliber. Margie makes me use a trigger lock 'cause of the grandkid," he says grudgingly. "Good idea, sir," Gedrick says PSA'ily, reminding us once again that his dad held a pistol to his face a million years ago. The old man gives him the stink-eye. Gedrick walks away. Ray asks what kind of car the kids were in. "Uh, four-door, dark color. I didn't get the plate or the make," says the old man. Great. Well, this should be a really easy case, right? Stolen plastic pumpkin by three kids in costume who were in a car with four tires. Open and shut. Ray asks the old man to wait inside while they call it in. The old man threateningly asks them if they're going to pursue this case, and wants to make sure this won't just end up in a file somewhere. Ray says they just need to contact their department and "formulate a plan."

Back at the car, Ray asks Gedrick what he thinks. Gedrick happily smiles and says he thinks this is a pumpkin hunt: "You ever been on one?" Ray babbles that he's too upstanding to do such a thing. Gedrick offers to pretend to call it in while Ray says goodbye to Dirty Harry; then they'll move along. Ray says that they should track down these dangerous youths. Much "humorous" babble as they decide to "take back the night" and find the pranksters since they knocked a little kid down. Besides, the next guy could shoot all of the kids over a plastic pumpkin. Ray says they'll walk around and look. Gedrick says they'll look pretty obvious in their cop outfits. Ray says they'll go undercover.

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