All Hallow's Eve

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The Presidents. As if it can get dumber than Doofus in terms of a sideplot distraction that doesn't help the episode at all, we're now following three "potheads" as they talk all stoned about how funny everything is as their car billows with dry ice. It's dark out, and somehow they were smoking pot through their giant President masks. They get out of the car, giggling and laughing, the whole thing looking like a mockery of a Snoop Dogg video. Nixon takes off his mask right away, and we see that he's a sweaty Johnny Knoxville wannabe. The Clinton actually makes a joke about not inhaling "the bone." Laughter, stoned talk, boring. They decide to steal one more pumpkin so they've got an even dozen. "Don't we already have, like, twenty?" Knoxville asks. "Naw, we got like...we got like, eleven," he says with a finger point, showing how fucking cool he is. The "Stoned Cam" jerks around so we see tracers on the storefront lights as the guys decide to steal one more pumpkin and then get some donuts. Where's the third guy sitting, since the back seat is covered in smoke-expelling pumpkins? Then the Clinton guy says that maybe they'll let them trade: "A dozen donuts, for a dozen plumpkins." The other two boys laugh that he said "plumpkins" again, and it's so damn funny because they're fake-stoned and isn't it great being a teenage hoodlum? The other two boys show how cool they are by pointing with every line. "Plumpkins!" one says like his P. Diddy, pointing down to the hood of the car. The car is suddenly pouring out smoke again, someone hitting the fog machine back on.

The car slowly drives up to the last stop -- the one near Gedrick. The Presidents are in the only car on this street, and somehow there are much fewer trick-or-treaters than there were the last time we watched this scene. Now there are only about two pumpkins in the car. They listen to some totally lame music as they point out an electric pumpkin inside someone's house. "There," they stoned-ly say, their masks on top of their heads. They get out of the car, the keys still in the vehicle (because the car's beeping as they get out), and put on their masks long afterward. They knock on the front door and say, "Trick or treat!" and then bully past the man who answers the door. The guy's all, "Hey! What are you doing?" The kids make some generic glass-shattering noise and one makes the generic punk giggle as they unplug and carry the plastic pumpkin totem pole out the front door and into their car. "Stop, you bastards!" someone shouts, and everyone on the street is all business as usual, trick-or-treating and walking slowly around the neighborhood. The guy who just got robbed doesn't bother running across the street to chase the kids, so they have enough time to slowly get back into their car. And it's a two-door, Mr. Old Guy, not a four-door. One of them has to get in from behind the driver's seat. See how efficient?

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