All Hallow's Eve

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Don't Give Up on Me

We go into slight slow-motion as we hear a siren in the background and Teresa tells McNotahey to stay out of the ambulance. Wahlberg turns back around and looks at the map. "Is that a siren?" he asks. He asks Teresa -- who's talking to McNotahey -- whether she's made many turns since the accident. Teresa coughs twice. Wahlberg radios to control to have all units less than ten miles east of Olympic and Wilton sound their sirens one at a time. Is he saying that the ambulance would only go ten miles in all that time? "He's cold," we hear McNotahey say, but the closed captioning tells us his name is Holden. Teresa says he is cold because he's lost a lot of blood. Wahlberg shouts for everyone in the room to be quiet, and he's so loud there's no way McNotahey didn't hear that booming voice coming out of Teresa's ear as he's obviously next to her asking about his brother. He notices that his brother's chest isn't moving. Wahlberg hears the second siren over the phone as Teresa explains to McNotahey that his brother is cold due to blood loss. Slow motion again as McNotahey asks, "What's that?" and Wahlberg asks for a location on the unit that just made the siren. It's "West 9th and Crenshaw." Wahlberg immediately radios for all available units within one mile to West 9th and Crenshaw to report immediately. "[Holden cocks revolver]," the closed captioning tells me, even though I didn't hear it. "Is he dead?" he asks. "We are running out of time!" Wahlberg shouts to Control. "Is he dead!?" McNotahey shouts again, because all things must be said twice on this show. "You gotta fight back, Teresa," Wahlberg says. McNotahey freaks out, asking her if she's been talking on the phone all this time. Wahlberg screams, "Fight back, Teresa! Fight him!" "Hey, cops, you listenin'?" McNotahey asks. "Huh? Listen to this." Gunshot. Commercials.

Andrea. Oh, right. The story I care about the least. Andrea -- wearing the shirt but not the ugly jacket from the Halloween party -- pulls up her car in the dark. She gets out and shuts the door. Nobody locks a car in L.A. And also, her interior light has been on the entire time and is still on. Her battery is gonna die. Fearless asks Andrea what she's doing there. She asks if the ambulance is there. Fearless puts on a vest and asks her if she can see an ambulance. "We're lookin' for it," he says. "This is Holden McKay's house," she says. "Is he your suspect?" Fearless says he can't answer that. "Is there anyone in the house?" she asks. Fearless tells her they're waiting for more backup before they knock, as if the criminals in the house wouldn't hear all of the cars and the police radios and all the people gathered just outside their front windows. Andrea asks how Teresa sounded. Fearless chuckles and says he'd really be interested in meeting her source someday. But now we know it's not McNorris, because he didn't tip her to this case. She asks again, "How'd she sound?" Fearless asks her, "How would you sound?" Andrea answers, "Not good." If Boomtown gets nominated for a writing Emmy, I will eat my iBook.

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