All Hallow's Eve

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Don't Give Up on Me

Ray and Gedrick fill Fearless in on "what's up." There are two males watching television in the back, and no ambulances in the vicinity. Gedrick says that the SUV in the front matches the suspect's car in the hijacking. What SUV? The truck from earlier? Fearless loudly whistles at the other cops to circle up. He pouts out his cigarette as they all walk loudly up to the house, cars still making radio noises as people mill about in the street in front of the house under watch.

Andrea watches the front door open. "We're looking for Holden McKay," we hear Fearless say. "Uh...he's not here," a man says. "Mind if we come in and look around?" Fearless asks. "Sure," the man says. The men walk in and immediately there are gunshots fired, the windows blasting white from the bullets. Andrea ducks behind a police car, and there's absolutely nobody outside with her. The gunshots keep coming as we fade to black.

Fearless. The front door opens as "cool" music plays. Fearless is there, in the grainy film, holding his badge out, asking for Holden McKay. This time, the man says, "He's not here," dropping the "uh" from earlier. And when Fearless asks if they can come in and look around the man says, "Uh, okay," instead of "Sure." Fearless, Gedrick, Ray, the guy in the tan coat that Fearless recruited, and others walk in as the guy who lives there shoots a shifty look into the room. Super slow motion as the music gets even louder. Fearless asks "Chief" to turn on some lights in the house. Now, they already know there are two men in the house, so why haven't they asked where the other guy is? As Chief goes to turn on the lights, we go into super slow motion again as Fearless looks over to see the other dude jump from a corner holding a sawed-off shotgun. Chief shouts, "No, Ryan! Don't!" while everyone else is slow on the uptake. Ryan shoots the tan-coated cop, since he's the only cop we don't know. Tan cop goes down. Everyone else shoots Ryan. Ray shoots Chief. There are more shots, and Chief and Ryan go down a second time as a fake Rage Against the Machine plays in the background. Someone shoots Ryan again and he falls down again as he shoots into the air. Fearless shouts for a code four and a cease-fire and a code four again. Out of curiosity, I run a word count on the word "again" in this recap: 35. That's a lot of times this show repeats itself. Fearless points at the fallen cop as someone turns on the lights. Fallen cop says he's fine as Gedrick grabs the shotgun. Fearless grabs the revolver next to Chief. He leans in and asks, "Where is he, son?" These kids were shot many times and they're both still alive? "Where's Holden?" Fearless asks.

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