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Don't Give Up on Me

Back in the warehouse, McNotahey opens the ambulance doors and pulls Teresa out, her hands taped together. McNotahey hasn't even grieved for his dead brother yet. "Get down," he says to her. She gets on the floor. He tells her to stay down. Teresa looks around. She sees lighting equipment. "This is a movie studio?" she asks. Not at Crenshaw and Ninth, it's not. McNotahey says that it is. Teresa asks if he works there. "I'm a stuntman," he says so "threateningly" that I burst into laughter. Now, I can't even get on a studio lot without my trunk getting searched, mirrors getting slid under my car, my driver's license studied and I have to have prior permission to get past the two security gates, but this ambulance just burst right on in past those metal gates? What kind of ghetto studio is this? Because it looks like the WB lot, and I know there's mad security in front of any building where Matthew Perry might be walking. Okay, so now McNotahey is crying over his brother. "Tonight wasn't supposed to go like this," he says. No, really? This wasn't supposed to be how the watch robbery went down? McNotahey says he figured nobody would care about a bunch of cowboys robbing a store on Halloween. Right, sure. I follow your logic, dude. McNotahey keeps sweating as he delivers his monologue, saying he figured the watch shop would be an easy hit, just running in and grabbing a handful of Rolexes and then out. But the shop owner had guns everywhere. "It was a damn firefight," he says. "Sam and I came out to work in the movies and be stuntmen. That's what I thought, anyway. But you gotta know somebody, I guess." Oh, are we fucking kidding? This is a jilted actor on a rampage? Is this for real? Disgruntled stuntmen? Is that what they're saying the real crime is here -- how hard it is to break into the stuntman industry? Oh, my God. "Cause I ain't no stuntman. Sammy was a security guard here and I was a janitor. A janitor. I could've been a janitor back in Tulsa." Wow. Wow. I don't know what to say. Really. I Disgruntled stuntmen. I did not see that coming, y'all. For real. I hope next week there's a food-poisoning terrorist plot from a disgruntled craft-services girl who always wanted to be a chef but Nobu's just so fucking political that it's hard to even get an internship as a sous chef there. McNotahey walks over to Teresa. "Get up," he says.

McNotahey walks her over to the prop police car, asking why she became a paramedic. "What?" she asks. "You said you did it to save people's lives," he says, answering his own question. Teresa says she made a promise to someone. "Who?" McNotahey asks, as the squeal of tires approaches. They stop as the sound gets louder. "A friend," Teresa deadpans. McNotahey shoves her in the back of the car and says, "Don't even try to get out. This may be a fake cop car, but there ain't no door locks on the inside." What? When will this episode end? When?! The cops all screech onto the black-and-white lot as McNotahey calmly tells Teresa to get down. You can see the names on the parking spaces. I'm pretty sure I can see the one that says "Palladino, A." The cops all stop by the warehouse, not even looking in the direction of the cop car that holds McNotahey and his gun. Wahlberg gets out of the car and creeps toward the warehouse. Suddenly, Teresa's got her arms around McNotahey, and she's pulling him back against the driver's seat. She hasn't stabbed him, but it looks like she's trying to crush his trachea. Somehow, McNotahey's not strong enough to hit her head, which is right behind him, or move her arms away from his neck. He tries to sort of touch her face, but she moves out of the way easily. Shot for no reason of a palm tree. McNotahey shoots behind him, blowing out the back window, somehow not blowing out Teresa's right eardrum. McNotahey begins to pass out, his palm tree getting blurrier and blurrier as Teresa's panting gets louder. McNotahey's eyes roll up in his head and he drops the gun into the back seat as nobody rushes up to help her. Fade to black.

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