All Hallow's Eve

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Don't Give Up on Me

Downstairs, McNorris's wife is stuck in a party full of strangers for an incredibly long period of time. McNorris goes to the bar and asks for a double, neat. The bartender says he's only allowed to pour singles. McNorris asks for three singles, then. The bartender laughs and pours the three singles, which McNorris slams back one after another. The bartender asks if McNorris is drowning his sorrows. McNorris, unable to resist saying one clichéd line after another, says, "On the contrary. I'm celebrating." The bartender asks what McNorris is celebrating. He says "we," but I'm sparing you some of this wretched dialogue. "I just kicked a habit," McNorris says. Man, just when I think it can't get worse, huh?

Teresa. Slow motion. Sad piano. Teresa, in a voice-over, says a prayer: "Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort rather than to be comforted [sic], to understand than to be understood, to love than to be loved. It is by forgiving, one is forgiven. It is by dying that one wakens to eternal life." She holds two pictures of Jesus and a woman. She crosses herself, kisses her necklace and kisses both pictures. The back of the ambulance fills with white light (rather than the colored stained-glass lighting they somehow got back there a second ago) as someone loudly offers Teresa the smallest latte in the universe. He's all, "Hey! I got you a latte! Oops!" Teresa puts the pictures in her chest pocket and says it's okay; she's done. She leans forward to grab the tiny to-go cup.

The ambulance passes some trick-or-treaters, who are apparently trick-or-treating on Crenshaw as busy traffic whips past them. From the front seat of the ambulance, Teresa and her driver are making small talk. The driver asks Teresa what was the favorite costume she ever wore. Teresa says when she was eight, she was the Wolfman. Then, awkwardly, she adds, "Or...Wolf...Girl?" They both pretend to laugh. Teresa's forehead vein threatens to pop as she says, "My mom made it. Halloween was her favorite." That wasn't the driver's question, now was it? Then there's more awkward laughing before Teresa says, "It was great." More strange laughing, Teresa enjoying a joke we didn't hear. She asks the driver what his favorite was. "Darth Vader," he says in an accent. Now, he's talking, but his voice is getting looped something else, so it's very awkward and there's just the sound of Teresa laughing loudly as the driver goes, "I had the walk, the cape flowing, when did you stop?" Not an awkward cut at all, right? Teresa's staring out the window because She's Sad and Traumatized By a Flashback as she says, "Um, that year. When I was the Wolfman. That was the year that my mom got sick," she says quickly as the driver starts to wonder why someone would stop trick-or-treating at eight. The driver stares at Teresa like she's a freak of nature.

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