All Hallow's Eve

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Don't Give Up on Me

Is anyone else terrified of that Patch Pill? Who'd want to wear a sticky, adhesive patch on her pelvis, ass, or thigh every single day for ten or so years? Talk about skin irritation. And what do you do when you want to go swimming? You just can't have sex during the summer?

Okay, so McNotahey's brother's the one in the back of the ambulance, and has been shot, and McNotahey's driving around all crazy as Teresa tries to fix him. She tells McNotahey that this kid's lung has collapsed, and that his lungs are stopping his heart from getting blood. She says he needs to go to a hospital. This causes McNotahey to swerve the ambulance and shout, "I told you, we are not!" Teresa shouts back for him to keep the truck steady so she doesn't accidentally jam a needle into his brother's eye. Oh, also? It's totally pitch black outside now, so who knows how long they've been driving around. They've got McNotahey covered in sweat, too, like they've been in this ambulance for as long as that "bus movie" referenced earlier in this episode. Teresa tells McNotahey that he can't make any sudden stops or turns as she puts this needle into his brother's chest. I guess he should probably stop driving, or he might have to drive straight into a building, right? McNotahey shouts that he's approaching a red light. Teresa, holding the needle back, tells him to stop the truck. "But I'll have to stop fast!" he shouts, keying the word "stop" instead of the word "fast," so it comes out all wrong, and Teresa tells him how to turn on the siren. McNotahey plows through the intersection, somehow causing a five-car pile-up behind them that's instantly surrounded in people trying to help (and one angry driver who's totally fine and already standing beside his car, outraged). Also, somehow, Teresa can see this pile-up, even though she can't see where she is, where she's going, or read any road signs. She puts the needle into the man's chest and there's a hissing noise like she's letting the air out of his tires. "Is he all right?" McNotahey asks. Teresa bitches that he's not all right and that he's been shot, he's got a collapsed lung, and his brother won't take him to the hospital, but he's doing better than he was a minute ago.

Exterior shot of the ambulance (siren off, now, for no reason), sharply swerving around a corner. Trick-or-treating kids standing on the corner of Crackhead and Carjack give an outraged "Wow!" and "Hey!" Even kids in L.A. have no respect for ambulances.

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