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Don't Give Up on Me

Teresa decides to wrap the brother up in gauze. It's totally what I would have done with one of my dolls when I was a kid and my dolly was "sick." I can't tell what good it's doing, but she wraps him up tight. Now, if the collapsed lung was adding pressure to the heart, blocking it from getting enough blood, why would you add pressure to the chest -- pressure on the bullet trapped inside the chest -- by mummifying the torso? I'm no doctor, but what the hell? And how is Teresa so easily getting the gauze to go under the body so she can wrap him up? She's not even wrapping him tightly, though, just over and under, around his shoulders like a shawl.

Through the front window, Teresa sees that they're driving down a dark neighborhood street. They make a left into a gated driveway. McNotahey stops the car, looks back towards Teresa (I guess Teresa's point of view is also sometimes McNotahey's point of view), and then leaves the car, leaving Teresa totally alone in the truck with the unlocked doors she doesn't bother trying to run out of. Instead, she looks through the window and watches McNotahey unlock the gate. Suddenly, the brother starts panting and heaving, trapped under the weight of his half-hearted gauze prison. Teresa releases the air-pressure gauge of some tube that does something doctorly, and the kid totally just dies right there as the Ode to Herbie Hancock plays in the background. Teresa, panicking, starts cutting the gauze off. McNotahey's suddenly right there in the window -- the one that sometimes has glass and sometimes doesn't -- and asks what's going on. Teresa says she just has to change his dressing. The ambulance rolls on as Teresa starts giving the brother's chest quiet compressions. Blood gushes everywhere and Teresa makes an upset face. She piles a bunch of gauze on top of his chest as her view slows down to slow motion. Holy crap. We watch Teresa slowly get nervous as we hear her sadly in a voice-over: "Mama. I want to pledge to you that for the rest of my life -- Mama, I want to pledge to you that for the rest of my life that I'm gonna do whatever it takes to save people's lives, okay?" We see a very faint, sad Teresa making this pledge on the right-half of the screen. Crap! We hear a woman say, very serenely, "My angel." Teresa panics over the dead brother.

We're in the ambulance's point of view as it drives up to a building. That's a hell of a driveway. McNotahey gets out of the car, and of course we just follow his point of view as he walks up to the building. Teresa watches him through the little window as he opens a heavy warehouse door. Suddenly, a cell phone rings. Isn't it dangerous to have a cell phone near medical equipment like that? Anyway, Teresa digs around for a million years until she finds the phone in the pocket of a jacket that's hanging on a hook by the window that she'd be able to see out of if they hadn't made it out of stained glass for that earlier prayer shot. Other funny things to note: at first, Teresa looks on the wrong side of the ambulance for the phone, by touching a couple of tiny bandage boxes, as if the phone is two inches big. Then she takes off her gloves to go through that jacket (but luckily all of the blood she was covered in is totally gone from the gloves now), but she still can't quite figure it out how there's something in a pocket. Then she's still staring at the phone, checking the caller ID before she answers, letting it make one last, incredibly loud ring. She holds the gigantic phone to her ear long enough that we can read the Nextel ad and says, "Hello?" Immediately, McNotahey is right there over her shoulder, asking through the tiny window, "Who you talking to?" Teresa's a great liar, though, and says she was talking to his brother. Then she walks over to where he is. I guess McNotahey doesn't have very good hearing, since he didn't hear a cell phone ring ten times, including the one that would have happened as he got into the ambulance. As he opens that door with the tiny window, McNotahey asks if his brother's awake. Teresa shouts that he can't come back there because he might contaminate his brother with his germs. McNotahey, covered in "sweat," says, "Fine."

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