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Boomtown takes a second to remind us that it recently won a Peabody award. I wonder if Ray and Vista Heights had anything to do with paying off the Peabody judges.

We open at a crime scene. Cop cars screech to a halt. A woman explains that she was walking up the sidewalk and heard someone inside the house calling for help. She pulled herself up to the window and thought she saw someone inside. Ray asks her to walk over to the side and make a statement. He orders onlookers back inside their homes. One of them raises his hands up like he's totally guilty of something. Gedrick orders the cops around the house. They storm up to the ominous-looking door. Inside, the house looks dark and druggy. The cops kick the door open and rush inside. The cops walk through the house, guns drawn, until they find a closed door. They kick it open to find an older man tied to a bed, S&M-style. "Oh, my God," Gedrick says. I don't know. The man doesn't look all that old, and he looks completely fine, except for a dirty shirt, so I don't know why Gedrick's so offended. It would seem he deals with much grislier scenes on a daily basis. Anyway, opening credits.

David McNorris. We're at a banquet, a fancy black-tie affair. The District Attorney is up at the podium addressing the audience, asking to be re-elected, blah-blahing on about how he's a great District Attorney. The audience applauds, and we see Andrea sitting between two older gentlemen. How does she get invited to everything? And who are the new sugar daddies? Suddenly, the entire room goes silent because McPointy's rapping on his champagne glass with a spoon. This gigantic banquet hall falls rapt to his clinking, and everyone turns to hear the latest rambles of Drunky McPointy. Actually, we wouldn't really know that he's drunk, except he makes the grand gesture of almost knocking over a glass, and then we make a quick cut to the mortified Andrea. McPointy gives an enormously long speech about how the DA would never accept a bribe. He brings up an episode we've pretty much almost forgotten by now, when the DA took the bribe from the movie producer's family to save his son who didn't really commit any crime at all. McPointy really wants us to remember, though, and reminds us that it happened at an indoor swimming pool on the producer's estate. We watch the DA get more and more nervous as he wonders when McPointy's other shoe is going to...point, I guess. But McPointy ends with a whimper and not a bang, and everyone toasts the man of the hour once again. Andrea is the only person in the room not clapping, since it takes all of her energy to pout and sneer, trying to piece together her next article, that she won't actually write because someone will tell her she's not allowed to run it. McPointy winks and gives the DA a thumbs-up.

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