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Just Kill Him, Already

This launches Wahlberg to action, who decides maybe it's time they go in there and save Norville.

Outside shot of store. Bullets flying. Inside shot of store: Norville is using the thug's gun to shoot people. The thug's still wrestling with him. Wahlberg and the other cops: taking their sweet time approaching the store.

McNorris walks in the other direction. More lights are lit on the Official Death Light-Up Board. The cops are still running toward the store. The song? Oh, it's still kickin' it.

Another light is lit!

McNorris can't understand phones! Chemicals are pushed through vials! McNorris pounds the phone board, making the phones ring quickly. I guess they need to check those lines again. McNorris fucked them up with his frustration.

Chronic's making the face I've been making for thirty minutes: trembling, almost shaking, eyes rolled up in the back of his skull, tears streaming down his face, a kind of choking, straining to breathe.

One cop against a million thugs. He's still shooting. An impressive number of bullets for one gun, really. Good thing nobody starts shooting until the guy in front of him has died.

The cops, just now, enter the store.

The thug on Norville's arm gets shot. So does Norville. He's shot over and over again. More liquids are injected into Chronic.

Norville gets one last shot off, killing the guy who shot him. Chronic's almost dead. The rest of the cops are just about to finally reach Norville. They are like slugs.

The slow-motion SWAT team makes their way ever-so-slowly over to Norville.

McNorris pouts. Chronic's dying. The heart monitor is ready for its big moment.

Chronic's still dying.

The cops finally get Norville off that hook. It takes some time. Wahlberg calls the paramedics. There's a lot of slow-motion hustle over Norville as they see he's dying and probably won't make it to the hospital. They won't have time for Teresa, even though she really could do some flirty magic here. Manzani, shocked to see his partner still alive, just starts screaming. The cops mostly rock Norville, exposing his wounds and arguing over what they should do. ER, this ain't. Ray, in fact, just holds up a flashlight. Manzani tells Norville he's right there for him. "He's saying a name!" someone shouts out. How did they know that over the loud music? And who knows he's saying a name? Whatever.

Fearless is screaming for backup, which makes no sense at all. Maybe he's still asking for an ambulance.

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