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Just Kill Him, Already

David McNorris. Yeah, we figured that. 7:50 PM. Oh, that's new. "What the hell kind of game were you and Chronic playing?" McPointy asks Curly. Curly scoffs at the notion that he and the almost-dead felon were playing games. Some other guy in a suit says that this must be a hoax, since Chronic has been under constant surveillance for two days. Curly mentions that he's had unlimited visitors for about a week. Well, then, I guess it could happen, huh? McPointy demands a log of all phone calls and visitors over the past two weeks. Other Suit points with his entire hand, mocking McPointy's obviously new mandate that keeps his arms glued to his sides (only his face reads the torture he's under, forbidden from pointing). Suit says he'll have the list ready in ten minutes. McPointy's breathless now, asking Curly why McPointy's the chosen one. Curly doesn't know. "Why me?" McPointy asks again.

Tom. 8:00 PM. It's a cop meeting. One woman's all smiling, not taking this very seriously, as the Chief explains that this is probably nothing, but that they should take it seriously anyway. He says they'll go out as always and do their job because they won't be intimidated by criminals: "But we will also not be stupid, Ray." You know, they do this to Ray all the time, but I've seen no evidence that he's a shitty cop who does stupid things. Really. Wahlberg and Fearless pull much more macho bullshit. Chief says that if anything happens, they'll respond immediately "with appropriate force." Meeting dismissed. One of the cops rushes up to the lady cop and rubs her back. "Appropriate force?" he asks. But the sound is all fucked up and you can tell he recorded this later. "Would you consider this appropriate force? What do you think?" "A little harder, actually," she requests. "A little harder would be appropriate?" "Yeah." Gedrick, unhappy about something, makes a face at the inappropriate cop. Now, he could be angry because someone is making a move on the girl he had sex with, but we don't know if that's true. He could be unhappy because we're supposed to just know that this guy is the new Shitty Cop on the force, and in one tiny segment we're supposed to know all of that from Gedrick's face. Or maybe Gedrick's just mad that someone gets to express his sexuality, and Gedrick's still a little ambiguous. Anyway, did I mention we're still in the opening credits? I'm exhausted. Gedrick and Ray share a look, and then Wahlberg has picked up on the look and I'm looking just as confused as you are. Also, how can Gedrick have a POV that includes Wahlberg's look when he's not looking? And also, also: why am I recapping Boomtown?

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