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Just Kill Him, Already

Gedrick and Ray buy meat. See? Gay. Ray explains to us who Chronic is. Ray says that he took Chronic down back when Gedrick was still in the academy: "One lone shield wading into a sea of Mach-10-toting bandanas." Gedrick jokes that the legend of Ray has begun. Gedrick buys his meat and groceries, giving the girl behind the counter some cash and telling her to "keep the change," and then lingers at the counter as Ray walks off, still talking about some cop story or expositionary nonsense or whatever. Gedrick's tipping the convenience store/butcher cashier lady? And why is the counter so far away from the door? Ray's going on about how back when Chronic was nabbed, cell phones were the size of toasters. He says that Chronic still ran everything like a kingpin from inside his cell. Shout-out to Kingpin, Boomtown. We got it.

Manzani. 8:17 PM. This is the shitty cop we've just met. He gives a smarmy chuckle from the driver's seat of his car, just so we remember that we're not supposed to like/trust/care about him. His partner is going on about how his new bride can't stop riding his jock, and how great it is to be married because he gets all the sex. Manzani tells his partner that he hates him, and that the sex won't last now that he's married. The partner says he knows that. The car slows down when Manzani notices a woman standing in the street, trying to flag them down. She's screaming for help. The partner calls in a code six. The woman walks up to the car and says that someone's in the house with a pipe and he won't leave. "Hurry! He's gonna kill him!" she screams. As the radio asks if they need backup, the two cops get out of the car and run to the house, guns drawn.

The house is hella fancy. The cops go room to room, casing the house, even though the lady screaming her head off probably knows exactly where ManWithPipe is. They don't bother asking her, and instead do all their gun posturing as they open empty room after room. Finding nothing, they head upstairs, where the upset lady (who's pretty calm now) says that "Jerome" is probably there, and she doesn't know if he has a weapon. They skip five closed doors and focus on the one closed door in the corner, right where one would set a trap. Bingo. Partner gets asks the woman to open the locked door. She fumbles in her pocket and pulls out a can of mace instead. She maces the partner. The door opens and men grab him. Manzini screams, "Get down!" which means nothing in this situation, and the woman maces him as well. Men come from every closed door, and the hallway is filled with people. The partner struggles and ends up shooting into the air. Manzini struggles and is pulled into a bathroom. Someone clubs him with a shotgun. The partner throws one guy over the staircase. We'll never know who he was or if he's okay. The thugs beat the crap out of Manzini as we go to black.

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