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Just Kill Him, Already

David McNorris. 8:42 PM. I'm gonna call him "McNorris" for the rest of the episode, since they won't let him be pointy. It's no fun when he's not pointing. Chronic's having his last meal, saying that "a lot of black folks don't like white folks watching them eat fried chicken." He says it doesn't matter too much now. An official guy walks in and whispers something into McNorris's ear. Chronic leans back smiling, saying he can guess what McNorris was just told: "Two cops out on a routine call, no backup. One cop gets jacked. The other cop's still alive." He tells McNorris he'll have to go a lot further back than two weeks to figure out his contact. McNorris asks Chronic what he wants him to do. Chronic says he wants McNorris to fight for his life. Chronic calls McNorris "Mickey D" here, which is a little confusing. Is it short for McDDA? Chronic says he knows a lot about McNorris. He found a paper from his college law review. McNorris says that his opinions have changed a bit since then. Chronic suggests that McNorris change his opinions back, or things are going to get a lot worse for "homeboy." Chronic throws in a little pointing, rubbing it in McNorris's face. McNorris, frustrated with the mocking, throws Chronic's tray of chicken from the table. "Bon appétit," McNorris says. So cool.

"San Quentin Press Room, 8:53 PM," says the titling next to Andrea. She's on her two-way, complaining about some article written in the Times last week. McNorris storms in. She follows, because she's got that magnet inside her. Andrea says she didn't see McNorris listed on the witness list. She's apparently here to cover the execution. She doesn't know that Chronic's got a hostage. McNorris asks for her help. He wants to know "everything there is to know about Chronic." She asks what's going on. As they make coffee, McNorris says he can't tell her anything. She says she can't help him, then. McNorris says that this is important. He knocks over a cup of stirrers, and Andrea immediately cleans the mess up. McNorris asks if any interesting news came up on her PDA. She says there's a cop kidnapped in South Central. That house was in South Central? Whoa. McNorris says all dramatically, "Well, let's just say there may be more than one execution tonight." Gah. McNorris asks the fun facts about the kidnapped cop. He's twenty-three. Married. No kids. McNorris asks for more information on him. Andrea asks why Chronic picked McNorris. He says he wrote an article against the death penalty for his law review. He says he was pretty convincing: "I was passionate, even." Lord. He says he told Chronic that his opinions had changed since then. Andrea notes that they haven't. McNorris doesn't want Chronic to know that, though. Andrea says she doesn't want to help save "that monster's life." "No," McNorris says. "I'm asking you to help me save the life of a twenty-three-year-old police officer." Room full of reporters, not one has bothered to eavesdrop on the DA having a one-on-one with the hot reporter he had an affair with. That's some good reportin' work there, fellas.

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