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Just Kill Him, Already

McNorris is on the phone with the governor, who doesn't care how many men have to die tonight. He wants Chronic gone, and he's not going to let criminals control things by taking cops hostage: "I won't turn California into a banana republic." What about an Old Navy? He says that the cop signed on for this risk by being a cop, and that there's nothing he can do and nothing he will do to get that cop out alive -- not even keeping Chronic alive for thirty minutes longer. I don't think we should re-elect that governor. Why is McNorris so breathless all the time?

Chronic can't believe that McNorris failed. McNorris says that he was going to fail, and Chronic knew he would. Chronic says that there are other options beside the governor. He says McNorris should get the original prosecutor, Fisher, to ask for a stay on his behalf. "You ask him about Wesley Egan," he tells McNorris. "Wesley Egan is the key to proving that if they put poison in my veins tonight, they gonna be killin' an innocent man." McNorris gives Chronic a really good, really firm, totally serious pointing, and then stands up. "Egan!" Chronic shouts for no reason, showering a table in his spittle. If this show gets any more testosterone-fueled, I'm gonna sprout a dick.

"Wesley Egan?" Andrea asks. Love how all of these POVs are unwinding and weaving together to tell an intricate story, don't you? Andrea can't believe that McNorris doesn't know who Wesley Egan is. Is he the kid from Mr. Belvedere? Andrea realizes that McNorris didn't read Chronic's file. McNorris admits that he fell asleep on the plane. Well, someone's working hard at a promotion, isn't he? Or is that because he's this famous drunk we've never had any proof about? Andrea then says that a few Irish whiskeys would make a man sleep on the plane. I guess they're still trying to make us believe that McNorris can't stop sucking the bottle. McNorris: "This children's book he wrote. Wesley, the Big, Fat Liar? Is that what he's talking about? This children's book?" Okay, I guess he's drunk, because I don't understand what the hell he's talking about. Andrea tells him to read the file. Andrea won't help him, so indignant that McNorris is too drunk to read the report that she doesn't care a man's life is at stake. She tells him again to read the file. McNorris says he doesn't have time, since he's trying to get Fisher from a Nob Hill fancy-pants party. Andrea still won't help him, saying that everything he needs to know is in the file. Is this so that we don't have to hear anything, and we can just move forward with the plot? No? Well, great.

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