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Where Is God?

Cut to a hot Baptist church, where everybody's singing about thanking Jesus. The preacher is -- surprise, surprise -- Rodney. Wasn't he supposed to be a gang leader? Wasn't that why we met him last episode? Everybody's waving fans as Rodney delivers his sermon right to Fearless in the back row. Ready to get your Jesus on? Because NBC wants you heathens to soak up some God. "Now, my sermon this morning is about a question. An old, dear friend of mine once asked me a question a long time ago. 'Where is God?' Is he here? In this place? On this day? When you hear these voices and you see the light streaming through those windows, you know he's here! You know! But that's easy. What about when planes crash into buildings and take thousands of lives? Where's God then?" Oh, yes they did. They sure as hell did. They wrote that. "When a beloved mother of six is slain by a drunk driver -- where is God? When a child's trust is betrayed in the most unspeakable manner, where is God? My friends, I have to tell you, I don't know where God is then. This old friend I was telling you about? He and I? We share many things. Many old memories of laughter and fights. But the most important thing we share is suffering. Something happened to us a long time ago. What exactly it was is not important. Not now. What is important for you to know is that we survived. But not unscathed." Did Baxter molest every kid on the block? Why did Mama Fearless say there was talk about just one boy? Rodney: "You know, when you consider what happened to us and the similar suffering of others, you again have to ask yourself, 'Where is God?' and again I have to tell you, I don't know. But I will tell you this. When I drove past the house last night and I saw this old friend of mine talking to a young man -- a young man who shares our particular brand of pain -- when I see this old friend talking to that young man offering his experience, his strength, his hope and his compassion, then I say there...there's God." Fearless gives a good ol' self-righteous sigh, proud of himself for what he's done.

Next time McPointy's on a drunken rampage. I hope he hits Andrea with his car.

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