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Where Is God?

And pulls up to a corner market. Fearless can't even shut up long enough to get out of the car. Since nobody's around, he just makes a lot of noises, and then talks to kids he doesn't know, on the street. Also: I'm pretty sure Fearless parked his car in the middle of the street. He sure ran a ways to the curb to hassle the kids on bikes. "Ice cream on me," he says, and laughs. Dick.

Inside the market, Fearless gives a friendly punch to the freezer door. I don't know why, either. I guess he's trying to show "happy." Then Fearless looks up and sees a kid. This stops him in his tracks, and sad music must play as Fearless watches a man come up behind the kid. We kick into slow motion as Fearless looks at something we can't see and thinks about something we don't know.

Fearless walks out of the market empty-handed. There isn't another kid or car on the street. It's silent and deserted. Fearless takes off his hat, walks to his car, puts his fist in his mouth, gets into his car, and drives away.

Fearless keeps driving, but now his seat belt is on the wrong shoulder, as if he's in the passenger seat. We only see him from the neck up, so it's confusing. Did they reverse the film, or was this a shot reused from a scene when he was in the passenger seat of someone else's car?

Fearless parks at the Santa Monica Pier, the place everyone goes to when they want to think deep thoughts while having a backdrop of people having fun on a Ferris wheel. I do remember Fearless's motel being on the 10, but I think it's ridiculous that this show makes it seem like people never take a highway to go anywhere. Kids are riding bikes all along the sidewalk, so I guess it's not too late at night. The camera does some "funky shit," spinning in the windshield reflection to find Fearless pouting on the hood of his car. He lights a cigarette with a lit half-a-cigarette, and then tosses the mostly unsmoked cigarette on the ground so he can smoke the brand-new cigarette. Fearless hurls the lit cigarette so hard that he's fast-forwarded in time to daybreak, where he's still sitting in the same spot. He finally exhales. Then it's daytime, and people are skating by him again (the water's gone, though, so he somehow moved a bit). Fearless holds another cigarette and looks away, wistful. In theory, he's stayed in one place all night long, on the hood of his car. Fearless takes great pains to drop his cigarette, where we see a pile of a full pack on the ground. People. That is some serious bullshit right there. We're supposed to believe that Fearless stood by his car all night long until the morning smoking a pack of cigarettes one after another without a lighter, just lighting one cigarette after another? (a) That wouldn't last him more than five hours of uninterrupted smoking and (b) Homeboy's gotta pee at some point, especially when he's smoking, and (c) If he really quit a few months ago he'd be sick as shit from smoking that much that quickly. And (d) I hate the way this show thinks we're morons. Fearless, finished with his pack, stands behind the credits that read "Story by Graham Yost and Mykelti Williamson." Now I'm even more pissed off because this vanity project episode is clearly Mykelti's fault.

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