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Where Is God?

The worst thing about this unnecessary plot is that they won't even go back to it once. They introduce the red Impala, chase down a man, and bring him in for questioning for nothing. Unless Cozy's in a future episode, this entire five-minute period was for bullshit, and I hate recapping bullshit.

Ray tells Fearless that James has shown up and will only talk to Fearless. James arrived with Rodney, it appears. Rodney asks for a private place to talk. Fearless takes James and Rodney to an interrogation room and makes a big deal out of covering the camera with his hat. Fearless says he knows James didn't see a red Impala this morning. James stares at the ground and pouts. Fearless: "Whatever, whoever you saw...I promise don't have to be afraid." Rodney tells James to talk to Fearless. "I did it," James says. Fearless says he couldn't hear him, and asks him to speak up. "I did it," James says again. "You did what?" Fearless asks. "I killed Trevor," James replies. As James looks up at Rodney, tears on his face, the Background Music of Theatrical Tension plunks away, reminding us that everyone is a suspect! Everyone! Not really, just this kid. And someone dressed that poor kid in gingham. That's the real fucking crime.

Fearless pulls Rodney out into the hallway, disgusted that Rodney would get a kid to lie for him. "How far would you go? How far would you go, man?" Again, I just like to point out when the writing is worse than shit we did with Barbie and GI Joe dolls. Rodney is shocked that Fearless would suggest that Rodney would do such a horrible thing: "The hell's the matter with you? Do you honestly think I convinced this little child to confess to a crime he didn't even do? I didn't want him to come here at all. He insisted. So I came with him. 'Ey, you don't believe me? Ask him yourself." "I can't!" Fearless screams. Rodney: "Why not?" Fearless: "I can't ask him anything without a lawyer present."

But that problem's immediately resolved, and there's now a lawyer present, sitting right beside James. Well, at least we didn't spend any time on that. Why did we even bother setting it up as a conflict? James says that Trevor was going to tell his mother that he was hanging out with gangbangers, so that's why James shot him: "She said she'd kill me if I ever joined a gang." James got his mom's gun from under her bed and went outside when he heard Trevor taking out his trash. Trevor just laughed at him, so he shot him. "The gun...just went off." Twice? Why don't they ask that? Twice. Ray knocks on the door and calls Fearless out in the hallway.

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