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Where Is God?

James's mother has shown up, and she's hella pissed off that her son's here somewhere. Fearless runs up to her. Mama King orders him not to tell her to calm down. She's practically singing about how everybody keeps telling her to calm down and that she's not going to do it because they've got her boy. Fearless says they do, and that he's right down the hall, inside the second door. He'll take her to see him, but she has to do one thing first. Let's say it together, shall we? She has to calm down. This causes Mama King to smirk, in love with Fearless: "I don't know what he's been saying to you, but you can't listen to him." Why does this lady sing all of her lines? "He's just a boy! He didn't kill Trevor Jenkins! I know he didn't! Don't you wanna know why I know he didn't do it? Because I did it. I killed Trevor Jenkins." This was totally so they could have a description of the episode in the teasers. Because it'd be a total bummer to go, "On the next Boomtown, Fearless gets really upset about some things and smokes a pack by the pier as some kid gets away with murder."

Wahlberg, always the clever detective, offers, "She's...covering for her kid." Gedrick says that perhaps James is covering for her. McPointy: "Maybe they're covering for each other." Huh? He says that they must have figured out that neither his nor her testimony will be considered good at a trial since James and Mama King are both lying to protect each other. Hee. McPointy said the word "taint." Wait a minute. You mean, if I kill someone and I get someone I love to confess to the crime with me, then neither of us could be tried because we both love each other so much we'll lie about a crime committed by one of us, allowing both of us to be free? Does anybody have Salma Hayek's address?

Fearless asks James if he expects them to believe that he really thought his mother would kill him if she found out. "She would have been disappointed," James says. Fearless says he doesn't think James would kill a man to protect his mother from being disappointed. Fearless leads the witness, saying that the only way he'd expect James to kill someone was if Trevor threatened to harm James. Then Fearless badgers the witness: "Did he? Did he threaten someone else? Did he threaten your mother?" James nods, because he has to. "Was she going to the police about him being a drug dealer, or was she going to the police for something else?" Huh? Wait, when did that piece of information get out? "James. Why was your mom going to the police, man?" Because Fearless has bullied James into coming up with another answer -- plus the additional pressure of the background music is begging for another plot twist -- James admits: "He hurt me." Fearless gives a look to Wahlberg that's the same look Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla give each other when they get a caller to confess that he or she was molested as a child, thus excusing the kid from any wrongdoing or assholish behavior ever. As the lawyer consoles James, Fearless has to stand by the one-way mirror now because he's just overcome with emotion.

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