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Where Is God?

Wahlberg walks up and asks if he should take over now. Fearless shrugs, "Aw, man. Go ahead." Wahlberg gets all creepy and asks James how Trevor hurt him. Then they make this poor kid give the most overused monologue in the history of Uncle So-and-So Touched Me, one that would make Diff'rent Strokes go, "Aw, man. Come on." James says that it started out as "games" that Trevor would play when he'd come over after school before Mama King got home from work: "Well, he called them games. Said they were games he and his coach used to play. And he gave me things. And he said if I ever told anyone, if I ever told my mother, that he would kill her. And I knew he would do it. And last night she found out and she said if I was to ever be alone with him again to call the police. And I knew she was going to say something because that's just my mom. And I knew if she said anything to him that he would kill her. So I got my mom's gun from under her bed. When I heard him out with the trash, I just went out...and I shot him." Twice. I keep thinking that, since they leave out this plot point, James didn't really kill Trevor, and that he's covering for Rodney. But I'm just going to tell you now that it's just an oversight that they never mention that the kid shot Trevor more than once and then moved the body to make it look like he didn't do it. And there are no ramifications for what this kid did and the case is now just closed because murder is fine when you're a kid and the man may or may not have touched you. Wahlberg asks if Trevor provoked James in any way, or if the gun went off by mistake. James says he was making that stuff up. "I went out and I shot him. Because I love my mom. And I didn't want her to die." Wahlberg and Fearless share another look. Fearless walks out of the room. Wahlberg follows him. Finally, someone consoles the kid, and it's his lawyer.

Out in the hall, Wahlberg asks Fearless if he's okay. "Yeah," Fearless says. Wahlberg says he knows that this is hard for Fearless, since something about his brother. Wahlberg offers to get someone else to help on this case. Fearless promises that he's okay, and says that he just didn't get enough sleep last night. He walks away. Wahlberg, somehow in Fearless's psychic POV, stands around staring at things.

Wahlberg watches Fearless talk to Mama King from behind the video camera. Fearless says he knows Mama King wants to protect her son. Mama King says it's a little too late for that: "That man...Do you know what he did to my boy?" Fearless says he does, even though we don't, really. Wahlberg says that it'll really help James if Mama King tells the truth. Mama King listens to a whisper from her lawyer and then rolls her eyes. She says that a neighbor told her that something was going on between Trevor and James, but that she didn't say anything because everybody liked Trevor: "He dealt dope, but it wasn't crack. He was a good neighbor. Kept his place nice. And then she looked in yesterday and she saw. And when I came home from work she told me." So she went over to Trevor's and threatened to kill him if he came over to her house again, and she told James that he should call the police if Trevor ever came over again. She's still singing her lines. "And that was that. Till I heard the gunshots this morning." She says she saw James with the gun. She took it from him and then moved Trevor's body to make it look like a drive-by.

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