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Where Is God?

Cut to McPointy, pointing up a storm, saying he doesn't want to have James spend another minute in police custody, so he has to know if Wahlberg can prove that James had been molested. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure," Wahlberg says. He says they have the neighbor's testimony, and he's "sure" they can "come up with some medical."

Fearless turns off the videocamera. He says that James can see his mom now. But Fearless needs to ask a few questions about Trevor first. He asks if Trevor had mentioned the coach before, like a name or description. James shakes his head no. Fearless isn't giving up until he hears the answer he wants. "Did he ever mention the name Barker? Like Coach Barker? Malcolm Barker? Or just Malcolm?" James still shakes his head. Fearless tells James that when he's ready to tell him what he wants to hear, he can. Just as Fearless is about to leave, James "remembers" that Trevor mentioned running into Coach Barker a couple of months ago: "He said he was surprised." Whatever. All of this just makes it sound like James is a liar, and it's all so that Fearless can have some closure on a horrible childhood thing, but it's so fake and forced that on a show where I'm supposed to solve crimes and check for loopholes, liars, and cheaters, I keep thinking the bad guys must be Fearless and the script writers. The background music for this scene was stolen from Eraserhead.

Fearless's car is wet as he pulls up in front of a house. He stares it down. He closes his eyes. Speaking of David Lynch, the house then goes through a physical transformation, going back in time twenty-something years. Billboards change and then get pulled down; the house changes color. The car changes. Fearless walks up to the house (in the same outfit, though) and announces that he's LAPD, looking for a Malcolm Barker. The man lets him in after seeing Fearless's badge.

Fearless comes inside. Coach Barker is wearing a track suit so we know he's a coach. Fearless asks if Barker coached basketball at the youth center a few years back. Okay, so I guess this is Fearless having a fantasy, putting his current self in a long-ago time. You with me? Great. Fearless asks if Barker knows Trevor, and if he repeatedly raped Trevor when he was a teenager. "What?" Barker asks, before telling Fearless to get out of his house. Then there's an altercation, and Fearless kung-fus Barker, flipping his body all around like outtakes from a Jet Li movie. It's in that rapid-action, slow-motion film that's so stupid, with bad music and crappy sound effects, like the sparkler that shoots off when Barker lands on his television, and the breakaway table Barker falls on just before grabbing a gun from under a pillow. Fearless flips him again, gets the gun out of his grip, and holds it in front of Barker's face. "I know you," Barker says. "No, you don't," Fearless says. "You don't know me at all." Gunshot.

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