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Knock, Knock

Carl. We see this scene again in Flashback Film. Close-up on the wall vent. It's coming from inside the house! Now, here's my main problem with the fact that Carl and his crony have been up in the attic the entire time: shouldn't Wahlberg have checked the entire house before they had a stakeout? Couldn't they do some heat detection on the place to see if people were hiding in the basement, or out back or in a car or something? Carl finds the dying man to be so amusing that we must go to commercial.

We see how this all went down. Carl was dressed as the meter reader, and as Henry drove off in his Jag, Carl went straight to the house, unlocked the door, and let himself inside. Billion-dollar home and no home detection security? On all three houses? Whatever. And all they're going to give us is that Carl likes making people scared, and therefore he's got a gang who all like to rape and murder people? And does he care that one of his guys is dead? Was Rabjon just the guy who got rid of the cars? Does Carl miss having his third man on the job, or was he never involved at all? The second guy shows up and Carl lets him in through the back door. The two men go through the house to the attic, where they set up shop. They didn't even know there was an attic, apparently.

Flashback Film of Wahlberg and Henry arriving. Carl listens and then writes on a whiteboard: "COPS." The other bad guy -- who's carrying the exact gun Wahlberg has -- goes to shoot everyone, but Carl holds up a hand, telling him to wait. They apparently just decide to sit absolutely still for the next twelve hours or so, not needing to eat, go to the bathroom, or sleep. In fact, Carl doesn't even mind sitting cross-legged for that extended period of time. Zen Masters, both of them.

Cut to Wahlberg leaving. Doreen -- who I guess was hanging out in the basement all this time -- asks if he can stay for breakfast, since it's been such a long night. Wahlberg's apparently paid by the hour, and his shift's over. There's nobody coming to replace those cops. Apparently after those "less than twenty-four hours," there's no need to stay on the case. It's over. Those killers must be through. Good job, all. Time to go home. Wahlberg leaves so deliberately, saying, "Hope we didn't have the wrong house," and Ray saying, "Call me if you ever figure it out," that I'm sure this is all a set-up -- that Doreen must have seen or heard the two men upstairs and this is a trap to get them to come down so they can be arrested. But no. Once again, I'm smarter than Boomtown. Ray really leaves, and Wahlberg really gets into his car and they're all headed back to the station for whatever reason. Where's Andrea? Carl gives a happy nod and a smile to his crony.

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