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Knock, Knock

Outside, Fearless is now staring off into space. Wahlberg walks out of the house and takes off his gloves. As he hands them to the Evidence Man who is holding the official Ziploc of Evidence, Wahlberg notes that this is why cops hang out with each other. Nobody else in their lives would understand what they have to go through every day, what they see. Fearless and Wahlberg get into their car. Fearless shakes his head. He says that this murder is "a betrayal of everything that is human." Wahlberg says that this wasn't human -- that the murderers crossed a line: "Call them animals, but animals wouldn't do that." They drive away.

Gedrick shows up late for the briefing, as the Chief tells everyone that the one word they have for the press is "nothing." He says there's a madhouse outside, so they must control everything that leaves the station: "No leaks." Nobody is to discuss the case: "No dinnertime conversation, no, pillow talk!" Ew. Can you imagine? "Hey, baby. You look good in that. Just like the woman who was brutally raped before getting ripped in half." Behind the chief are photographs of the families killed before and after the murders. We learn of a new cop: Ramos. He works "solo."

Fearless and Wahlberg take the front of the room to brief everyone. We now see the pictures of the murdered families; their throats are cut. Fearless -- who couldn't be more righteous -- takes his time before he tells the cops what they probably already know and could infer from the photographs in front of them. There were two different families hit: the Kingslands and the Nelsons, two weeks apart. Fearless assumes that it's the same "crew" doing the killings: "God help us if there's more than one gang out there doing this." Wahlberg, like me, loses his focus and starts wandering around talking to people. Fearless tells us that the similarities are "extensive." The families were killed by fatal lacerations to the throat. All of the family members were sexually assaulted, tortured, and mutilated post-mortem. Fearless has a hard time saying "including the children," and then has to take a moment outside, leaving in a dramatic flair that makes me question whether he should be allowed to conduct briefings in the future. Wahlberg takes over, which is amazing, since now we're using Fearless's Spidey Sense POV to see this, I guess. Wahlberg says that they haven't found any DNA, because apparently the perps wore condoms. The Kingsland family was missing jewelry and cash. Both families are missing high-end cars. The Nelson family had a BMW M3 convertible. The Kingslands' had a Mercedes station wagon. Fearless comes back into the room. Ray asks if they should look for a connection with someone who can move high-end cars quickly. Fearless has had it. He points at the pictures and tells everyone to take a good look. He says they aren't dealing with car thieves. They're dealing with sick freaks: "This is about power. It's about control and God knows what else." This is about Fearless needing a vacation. Everyone else in the room appears to think so, too. Fearless concludes that these two families may have been picked by something as simple as a "finger in a phone book," or "there might be a connection." Good work, officer. Way to "break it down" for us.

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