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Knock, Knock

Inside the house, a jumpy Wahlberg leads a bald man into the living room. He's Henry. Wahlberg walkies to Fearless that he's inside the house with Mr. Stein. Fearless asks where Ray is. Wahlberg says that Ray will be there any minute with Mrs. Stein. Why wouldn't Fearless know that? And this episode sure is linear, huh? Wahlberg asks Fearless whether they saw anything while he was gone. Fearless says that a couple of cars and trucks went by, you know, on the street? But nobody slowed down. Oh, and the incredibly observant neighbors said that the meter reader came by. They checked with DWP and found out that this neighborhood is on their schedule for the week. Wahlberg checks around the house, not bothering to see the second floor. Just the ground floor will do.

Mrs. Stein drives home. She pulls into her garage. Wahlberg is there, with what looks like a sawed-off shotgun. He says hello and tells her to act normally. Ray is in her back seat. He hands her a grocery bag. "We don't know who may be watching," Wahlberg says. Mrs. Stein scoffs at the idea of acting normally. She walks across the outside to her house. Ray and Wahlberg walk as well, outside for all to see. So much for keeping undercover. And what gives them the impression that the houses are getting staked out before they're hit, anyway?

Henry tells his wife that he was leaving the doctor's office when Wahlberg stopped him. She says they got picked because of the Jag. Henry tells Ray that the Jag is #7 on the reasons why it's not so bad to have terminal cancer: you can buy a Jag if you have the money. Mrs. Stein asks if they'll just park a couple of patrol cars out front instead. Wahlberg says that if they do that, it'll just scare them away. They don't want to scare them away; they want to stop them. He says they want the perps to think they have "a clean shot" at the Steins. "You wanna use us as bait?" Mrs. Stein asks. Wahlberg lies that they're not using them as bait. As soon as the sun goes down, they'll be escorting the family out to the back yard. Henry's not having it, though. He's going to be upstairs in his bed. Wahlberg says he should probably go with the rest of his family. "What are they gonna do?" he asks. "Kill me?" Mrs. Stein asks to talk Wahlberg out in the hall. "No, Doreen," Henry says. "You may not talk to him out in the hall." He says he knows she's just going to say that Henry can't handle this stress and he only has a few months to live. He calls her over. She sits next to him. Henry says that he probably can't handle this stress. This might cost him a week of what he has left. "So?" he asks. "It's not like I can tell you guys that I love you more than I already have." His hourglass is running out: "I'm not going to let these sick bastards drive me out of my own house." Doreen says she doesn't know if she can do this. "Yes, you can," Henry says. Fearless cuts in on the walkie: "[Wahlberg], we got two teenage girls on their way to the house." He says it like his next question would be, "You want me to take 'em down?" Doreen worries about the girls. "How are they gonna react to this?"

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