Insured By Smith & Wesson

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Les tells Ray, "They hung out in a bar near my apartment. I knew they were no good but I just wanted a chance, Ray. I just wanted a chance for one big score." Ray: "You turned on them." Les says he saw his face on all those televisions and it was beautiful. He apologizes. "I'm really sorry," he says again. Ray says it was a great performance. "You almost had me fooled." Les asks, "How'd I get so damn old?" Oh, we get it. There's no need to keep repeating all the dialogue. Les says he's supposed to make it big, and not be a schmuck. "We're all schmucks," Ray says. In a tacked-on way, Les asks if Mary Claire's going to be okay. Ray says she will be, and so will her baby. Les asks if maybe Ray would just let him go. "Don't suppose you'd give an old actor a break. Help me out. Keep this between us. I was your inspiration, Ray, I mean, you said so yourself. I was Jack Wesson." Ray: "You're not Jack Wesson, Les." Les: "No, you are." Ray: "No, I'm Ray Heckler." Don't we all just feel good now? Ray brings Les in for booking as we see the cops inflate the shot-out turkey. Oh, thank God. The turkey's fine. Nobody's bullets were real. Everybody's fine. Nobody ever dies on Boomtown.

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