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Drugs Are Bad, Mm-Kay?

In the locker room, Gedrick finds Richie Aprile. Gedrick asks what Richie's doing there. Richie punches Gedrick in the stomach a few times, asking when a dad needs a reason to see his son on the job. Y'all, Richie's not looking too well. Actually, it's hard to see him around Fearless's powder blue track suit. Richie says he heard about the heads-up this morning and wanted to thank Gedrick for being such a Trumper. I mean, "trouper"! Ha. Richie feels his son up a few times, complimenting his chest, asking if he's been working out. Then all three slowly move in on Gedrick, who by now has to have gotten the message. Gedrick tries to leave, but Wahlberg is standing there. Richie tells Gedrick that when IA was after him, it was his buddies on the force and IA guys working on the inside who saved his life and took care of him, just like Gedrick's doing for Wahlberg. Richie asks again if Gedrick's been working out, since his chest is getting bigger. "You goin' funny on me, Pop?" asks Gedrick. "'Funny'?" Richie says, and lets it just drag out, since all of us are waiting for them to tell us Gedrick's gay, but again they don't do it. "Take your jacket off," Richie says. Gedrick tries to walk the other way, but Fearless's powder blue track suit puts up a knee. Gedrick asks Richie if he wants to ask him something. Fearless tells Gedrick to take his jacket off. The three men close in around Gedrick. Richie says that one of the IA guys who used to take care of him called him this morning. "He said, 'Paul, you're not going to believe this. Do you know who Trumper's snitch is?' And then he told me. I don't believe it. No way." Gedrick pulls out the tape recorder and says that if he wants to know something, he should just ask. He hands the tape player to Richie. Wahlberg closes his eyes to half-mast, sighs the big sigh, and rolls his head over to the left. Wait, so Wahlberg didn't know? Crazy.

Post-commercial, still in the locker room, Richie tries to kill his son, saying, "You stinking snitch." Wahlberg and Fearless's powder blue track suit pull Richie back. Richie punches a locker. Gedrick asks if he's finished. "Yeah," Richie says. "I'm finished. I'm finished with you!" Ooh. Gedrick tries to leave, but Wahlberg says all quiet, "I'd like a word." Gedrick asks if they can do it some other time. Fearless's powder blue track suit says that Gedrick owes him at least a word. Wahlberg asks to do it in private. Fearless and Richie leave. Wahlberg asks Gedrick if he can pat him down to make sure he doesn't have a second device. "Knock yourself out," says Gedrick. Wahlberg touches Gedrick all over and then stands right in his face, breathing on him. "I know you have the file," he says. Gedrick says he doesn't know what Wahlberg's talking about. Wahlberg: "The coroner's file with my baby's second autopsy in it. I know you have it."

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