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Drugs Are Bad, Mm-Kay?

Flashback to Wahlberg's house when Trumper was going through his desk. Wahlberg tells Gedrick that he "slipped out" of the house and back to the precinct when they were searching. Yeah. Did you see all the cops and cars in front of his house? He whispers something to Kelly right in front of everybody and then just drives away from the crime scene? O-fucking-kay.

At the precinct, Wahlberg saw Gedrick coming out of the locker room. Gedrick tells Wahlberg that IA's in the locker room searching his locker right now.

Wahlberg holds back tears as he whispers, "You figured out I had the file inside my locker." Great place to hide it when there's an investigation going on, Wahlberg. "You got to it before they did. Where is it?" asks Wahlberg. Cymbals crash as Wahlberg slams a locker with his hand and Gedrick smiles. "Where's the file?" Wahlberg whispers, ever so close to Gedrick's mouth. "It's in Trumper's office," Gedrick says proudly. Wahlberg: "You already gave it to him?" Gedrick: "In a manner of speaking."

Tom. He watches Wahlberg enter his house when there are tons of cops all around. Then somehow he also gets right to the precinct. Wahlberg must live really close to the police station.

Gedrick breaks open Wahlberg's locker with a lock cutter. He searches the locker and finds the file, hidden between two shelves. He shuts the locker and somehow locks the lock (the one he just broke open with a lock cutter?). He walks away the second IA enters the locker room to break open the locker and search. Gedrick hides the file, and somehow hides the enormous lock cutter too, right before he runs into Wahlberg and tells him that IA is searching his locker.

Somehow it's supposed to be a continuous shot, I think, since Gedrick's wearing the same clothes, but it has to be the next day since now it's bright out instead of dark, and...forget it. Gedrick sneaks into Trumper's office, picks the lock open with a nail file, and puts the file back in its place. He shuts the drawer and locks it again, and leaves just as Trumper walks into his office with Kelly. Gedrick hides behind AN AMERICAN FLAG and calls Ray as soon as Kelly enters Trumper's office.

Cut to Wahlberg and Trumper facing off in front of Trumper's office. Once Fearless, Wahlberg, and Kelly leave, Trumper stands there staring. He enters his office. Gedrick follows him, asking for a minute. Trumper tells him he shouldn't have come here. "I just need a minute," Gedrick says. Trumper invites him in. He asks if there's good tape on Wahlberg. Gedrick says he's got something even better. He found the file: "It's still in your desk, where you put it." Trumper laughs, and asks, "No, seriously, where'd you find it?" Gedrick says it's in Trumper's desk. He tells him to take a look. Trumper unlocks his drawer and finds the file. He can't believe this is the file. Gedrick tells him not to act dumb. "Oh, is that how it works in IA? You remove a file and accuse a cop of taking it?" Trumper doesn't understand what Gedrick's saying, since a cop did steal this file and he was just doing his job. Gedrick says this is pretty sleazy, even for him. Trumper says he can't be framed. "You're still wearing your wire, aren't you?" Gedrick says he is. "You're recording all of this." I don't see how Trumper can be framed, when he didn't do anything, and he really didn't do what Gedrick is accusing him of. Gedrick has no evidence with this tape of any wrongdoing. Gedrick shows Trumper the tape. "I also put a call in to the Inspector General." Guys, Trumper didn't do anything wrong, did he? "You think you're smart?" Trumper asks. "You think you're clever? You just made the stupidest mistake of your pathetic little life. When did you think this up, genius?" Gedrick: "When did I decide to do this? Well, the second you asked me to." I still don't see how this incriminates Trumper for anything. Gedrick says that what's between him and Wahlberg is between them and on the inside: "Trumper, you're on the outside. How's it feel?" I totally don't understand what just happened.

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