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Drugs Are Bad, Mm-Kay?

Back to the locker room, Wahlberg smiles proudly. "You planned it from the moment he asked you?" Gedrick just smiles. He says he didn't know if he'd get away with it. Wahlberg sits down and touches his face. He says that Gedrick saved Wahlberg's ass, that if they had found that file in Wahlberg's locker, he'd have lost his job. Gedrick says he didn't do it for Wahlberg: "I just did it." "I'm sure your old man'll appreciate it," Wahlberg says. He tells Gedrick that everybody will know what Gedrick did pretty soon, and he'll never have to buy himself a drink at a cop bar ever again. "My life's ambition," Gedrick says. Gedrick tells Wahlberg that he didn't actually return the entire file back to the cabinet. He holds a manila envelope in his hands. Wahlberg asks what it is. "The second autopsy report," Gedrick answers. THE SECOND AUTOPSY REPORT! THE SECOND AUTOPSY REPORT! But look, Wahlberg totally stole a file because he thinks his wife killed their baby. How is this not really a crime? Gedrick leaves.

It's night again and Richie's emptying groceries from the trunk of his car when Gedrick walks up. Richie says he's not going to apologize. Gedrick says he didn't mean to cause Richie any embarrassment today, and that he's sorry he couldn't tell him. Richie says Gedrick's not some kind of hero, and that screwing with Trumper was a "bonehead play" that could have ruined Gedrick's career. Gedrick doesn't care. Richie asks what Gedrick would have done if he had lost his job. Gedrick says he doesn't have a family or two kids to support. He'd manage. He'd take up yoga, since the girls there are pretty hot. Richie smiles and says he'd have loved to have seen their faces. He asks Gedrick why he did it. "Because I could," Gedrick smiles. They smile at each other. "Little Clint Eastwood," Richie says. Gedrick offers to help with the groceries, but Richie says he doesn't need the help. Gedrick leaves, and Richie struggles to get the groceries inside his apartment.

Joel. (Wahlberg. Again.) Craven: "You had the file the whole time? Why?" Wahlberg: "Because it had this." He hands over the second autopsy report. So, wait. Trumper doesn't know that this is missing from the file? Even though Gedrick got Wahlberg to confess that it was in it? Forget it. This show's over. "It's our daughter's second autopsy report," Wahlberg tells Craven as he sits beside Kelly on the couch. Craven asks what it says. Wahlberg says he hasn't read it. Craven asks why. We already answered all of these questions at the beginning and middle of the episode! Kelly says that Wahlberg's afraid she killed the baby. Wahlberg: "Kelly..." Kelly: "It's the truth." She tells this story about how one night she took a sleeping pill and reacted badly to it. It was when Willy was first born and she had postpartum depression then, too: "See, what I didn't know is that some people at some times have bad reactions to these things." Pills? She sleepwalked ("I got up without waking up") into the kitchen, where she held her hand over the open flame on the stove until Wahlberg rescued her from herself once again. So she swore she'd never take another sleeping pill. But then she did, and when she woke up from it, her baby was dead, and she knows that she might have killed her baby in her sleeping-pill-induced haze. This is all said with much "acting" and "sadness." Wahlberg: "Kelly..." Kelly says she knows that Wahlberg has wondered. That's why he ordered the SECOND AUTOPSY REPORT. That's why he threw away the bottle of pills the next morning. Wahlberg: "You didn't kill our baby." Kelly: "You don't know that."

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