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Drugs Are Bad, Mm-Kay?

Fearless. Teresa hands Fearless the syringe they found. Fearless asks if it was heroin. Teresa says it was "something with a kick," since they barely pulled Janice out of her no-pulse state. Fearless commends her for saving the woman's life. Teresa walks away. Ray and Gedrick walk back into the frame, complaining that there were fifteen cats in the apartment upstairs. Wahlberg tells them to go check the dumpster out back. Ray complains that every time the four of them work together on a case, Wahlberg sends Ray and Gedrick to dance in the dumpsters. Wahlberg offers to do it, but Gedrick says they'll search the dumpster. This is all done with much male bravado, of course. Fearless tells Wahlberg to go home. Didn't he just call him down? Wahlberg says he can't let IA know he knows: "Just gotta wait for it to come down." He says that doing his job is the only thing he knows will keep his mind off "it." Wahlberg reads to Fearless from Janice's day planner, which says she had an appointment with a clinic this afternoon. Fearless knows the clinic, and says it's mostly women on Medicaid. "Dr. D," Wahlberg reads.

Dr. D's office. Isn't this the woman who played Sidney on Melrose Place? I never saw one episode, so I'm stretching my pop-culture skills here, trying to place this redhead; she always plays the villain, anyway, so right away we know this is the woman who stole the baby. Dr. D says that Janice was a good mother who was concerned about the health of her baby. Instead of taking the doctor into an office to talk about a kidnapped newborn who might have heroin coursing through her veins, they chat about it in the lobby of the clinic like it was nothing, as the doctor literally kisses babies and shakes hands. The doctor says that Janice wasn't due for another couple of weeks. She asks where the baby is. The police admit that they don't know. The doctor goes on and on about how excited Janice was about this baby coming into the world. "So, do you think she abandoned the baby?" Dr. D asks all obviously. "No," Wahlberg answers. "Someone took the baby?" Dr. D asks, holding someone's child. Fearless asks who the father is. Dr. D admits that she doesn't know, saying that Janice didn't talk about him, other than saying he's a junkie and still using. Wahlberg asks for his name. Dr. D gets totally obvious on her strange line reading: "I'm sure it's in Janice's file. Do you think he took the baby?" Fearless gives the line summing up this entire season of police work: "Well, we really don't think anything yet." "I hope not," Dr. D says. She says "as addicts go" and from what Janice told her about him, he's a "piece of work." Wait, didn't she not know much about him at first? Whatever. Give the lady back her baby, Dr. D, you dingo. As Dr. D asks the receptionist, "Can I have Janice's file?" (No first names necessary on this show), Wahlberg and Fearless share a long, solemn nod.

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